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Zombie MatchZombie Match - beta-version of the arcade in the style of "three in a row." Hopefully, the developers quickly finish work on it at the same time adding to its variety of interesting finds and original chips. After all, even at this stage of the project it is a fascinating process by which really hard to break away.
Westy WestWesty West - voxel class shooter in the best tradition of all that is associated with the era of the Wild West. Sheriffs, bandits, cowboys, horses, dusty towns with the appropriate architecture, saloons, banks full of cash safes, hidden caves where runaway criminals, investigative sheets declared a reward, dueling and much more is waiting for all who know how to shoot well.
Its high noonIts high noon - visually simple but hardcore arcade in the setting of the Wild West, cowboys, sheriffs, countless bandits and all the other signs of the time. In fact - this is a classic shooting gallery who came to us from the times of slot machines. Only now, instead of a gun fingers at us, and screens become more qualitative.
Compass Point: WestCompass Point: West tells us about a historical event known as the "Gold Rush". In those days, any adventurer, a man who wants to get rich quick, and along with them thugs of all stripes went massively into a terrible wilderness, referred to as the "Wild West". Many people really become wealthy, but the majority has sunk into oblivion.
Street Cowboy FightingStreet Cowboy Fighting - exciting action tells about the hard everyday life of the average cowboy-bounty hunter in the Wild West. Gameplay is in the spirit of old-school arcade platformers, nice graphics and multiple game modes allow gamers to fully feel the aura of the era and enjoy the process.

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