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 Totem Runner

When the world is threatened by a dive into the darkness, a brave warrior rises, ready to rush into battle head-first into the thick of the battle. His confidence in his mystical ability to transform at will into noble creatures including raging wild boar, able to hit the enemy with their horns, the mighty eagle that can soar above the mortal danger and fearless dragon, ready to defeat all enemies in his path. Take the challenge and become a true warrior.

 Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery v.1.0.10 Superbrothers: Sword Sworcery EP - is an atmospheric action-adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style. Travel in a small fairy-tale kingdom, use your sword fighting and magic to stir up solutions mystical musical mysteries. Cooperate with your friends on Twitter, plunge into the game world, which is dependent on the phases of the moon, and help a wandering warrior monk complete his sad adventure.

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