Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Smartphone
Android 2.3
Screen:3.0" 240x320 px
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor:883 Mhz
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:58x104x11.5 mm
Opening hours of standby time:6:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:120 hours
Weight 97 gram

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 The Lost Word The Lost Word (The Lost World) - a new game in the genre of "three in a row," has replenished with a new masterpiece! Help me get to the treasure of the Aztecs of the fair sex, having a considerable number of exciting levels of destruction and excitement.
 Evil - Virus Attacks Evil - Virus Attacks (Evil - Virus attacks) - the world is not the same for a long time, humanity was on the verge of extinction. A handful of people are struggling to survive in a world that is populated by the living dead. The virus has spread to every continent. It kills all living things. Turning people into ravenous zombies.
 Svet Lite

Svet Lite (Light Lite) - You will discover a sinister secret of the "B-18", long ago abandoned for unknown reasons. And who knows what adventures await you there? Get ready for the most horrible experience of your life! Continued already liked so many horror Dead Bunker.

 Sea Battle - Battleships

Sea Battle - Battleships - a unique system of naval warfare, previously unused in any game. The survival of mankind depends on you!

 Running Manster

Running Manster - a simple but entertaining runner in 8 bit style. Your planet captured people, and your task is to destroy moving in front of them. And in the end destroy the boss flying in a helicopter. The game is taking place in three areas: the forest, drainage, and the plant. In each of the focus areas of the enemy soldiers.

 Defender City

Defender City - a game genre tower defense, and as expected all the games of this genre, your job is to hold the line and not let the enemy reach your base. «Defender City» favorably with their compatriots on the genre - the game is completely drawn with a ballpoint pen on sheets of notebook. Just for showing off on the game has been used over four hundred sheets of paper in the box and inscribed with two dozen pens.

 ZONA Road to Limansk

ZONA: Road to Limansk HD - sequel to the first part of the ZONA In ​​the beginning you will find yourself at the bar and your job is to leave the area, using Soviet technology. The game has an opportunity to sell everything you have collected artifacts.

 Coloring: Princess

Coloring: Princess - this is a wonderful coloring game for kids! Just make full use of your fancy imagination and have fun! Choose a color button on the top of the screen. Then click on the part of the picture you would like to make that color.

 Noogra Nuts Joyride

Noogra Nuts Joyride - in this game you have to help a cute squirrel gathering nuts. Slide from the hills, gathering nuts on the ground, soars skyward, catching hanging in the air nuts. Collect all the nuts on the level, get a special, gold nut to activate the secret rainbow mode.

 Noogra Nuts Seasons

Noogra Nuts Seasons - arcade game in which you control a squirrel and must split his head nuts and eat them. Continued Noogra Nuts. Using the accelerometer, control the movement of proteins and jump on the tap on the screen.