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Angelo - Skate AwayAngelo - Skate Away - a new adventure restless hero of one of the popular animated series. Safely understood with a bunch of cases and problems in the game Angelo Rules, the character went with his friends to ride on city streets sketbordah. Various prepyatsviya absolutely no obstacle to them and they are ready to show all their skills.
Wonder WayWonder Way - a new exciting project in the genre of Action-unpretentious quest from the creators of the popular adventure game Ghost Town Adventures. As before, the developers did their best, and in front of us is very beautiful, exciting journey through the magical world of flavored high-quality storyline.
Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo SafariRodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari - smart casual toy that easily absorb all your free time and a long time delay on mobile devices. Pretty "paper" graphic cartoon will give what is happening, and prolonged (virtually infinite) gameplay will not be afraid of the transience of pleasure.
Escape EmilyEscape Emily - one of the many quests in the style of "search objects". Dozens and dozens of similar entertainment nevertheless resonate in the hearts of the players and regularly delight fans of the genre unpretentious puzzles. Beautiful graphics, a lot of locations and more or less interesting plot - these are the main features of a successful project is capable of long, but still inspire.
NinjAwesomeNinjAwesome - gorgeous platformer in the style of a ninja. Old-school graphics and classic gameplay with automatic run will delight all fans of retro games and fans of exciting projects. Join the legendary clan of warriors night and perform deadly missions and assignments for the glory of his craft.
Castaway Home: Lost IslandCastaway Home: Lost Island - survival simulator with nice graphics and quite diverse and exciting gameplay. We will need to help the protagonist to grow roots on a tropical island and make it his new home, with amenities and relative comfort. But you can not be lazy - starvation is around the corner and it's time to get to work.
Built for Speed: Racing OnlineBuilt for Speed: Racing Online - a wonderful racing project created in a retro style. Graphics, design, music and much more will delight fans of old school, but the huge gameplay possibilities very much surprise as "oldies" and the younger generation of gamers. For unpretentious game hides virtually endless options for entertainment.
RedungeonRedungeon - hardcore action game in which so many ways painful death, which is very long, you can just experiment with the transition state from the living to the dead. The game complexity reminds one a bit of the popular RPG. As there are very often have to start all over again, and at the same time to take it for granted and commonplace.
Magic MasterMagic Master - an exciting strategy in which we will see the real battle mages. Specifically, green graduates from the academy, but it is desirable or anyone to tell. Especially won the advancing enemy troops, it is better they are afraid of us as we will clumsily try to practice the knowledge and innate ability.
Pets UnleashedPets Unleashed - straight from the tin puzzle in the style of "three in a row" coming out of the press under the monstrous ELECTRONIC ARTS. The game based on the animated feature "The Secret Life of animals", which will soon go to the movie theaters around the world. Multiple levels, beautiful animation and already recognizable characters will delight all fans anticipating the start.

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