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Spin HuntersSpin Hunters tell and show several scenarios, and instances in which ordinary people (not the former / current armed to the teeth, special forces, etc.) try to survive in the midst of zombiapokalipsisa using his ingenuity and improvised objects as deadly weapons.
EcoDriverEcoDriver - racing arcade, which the creators know exactly how to diversify stale genre, breathing in his simple but very original idea and chips. Cute graphics and simple controls with one finger only added to the positive experience of the infinite randomly generated gameplay.
Doomsday PreppersDoomsday Preppers - a strategy based on the eponymous TV show on National Geographic Channel about survivalist preparing for the end of the world (in their opinion, the phenomenon that has to happen very soon). They live in the forest will not, and in an average suburb, where the use of modern technology will lead reclusive.
Showa Candy Shop 2Showa Candy Shop 2 - excellent adventure project in which there is a dynamic gameplay, there are no dangerous enemies, there is a huge arsenal of weapons to deal with them, there is no threat worldwide. Here the main character is an ordinary middle-aged woman living in Japan the last century and is the mistress of a tiny pastry shop.
Airport ScannerAirport Scanner - addicting casual game that his simplest geymleya, however, a very long time entice all who see her. Nice graphics, constantly evolving mechanics, gradually increase the level of difficulty, and cute, but stricter characters will delight all who miss the simple but interesting projects.
The Mars FilesThe Mars Files - Text adventure-vyzhivalchisky project in which the protagonist will be one on one with the inhospitable Red Planet. The random generation of starting conditions, a wide variety of possibilities and activities, huge space and very high complexity will please all lovers of quality and intelligent games.
Diggy's AdventureDiggy's Adventure - an interesting and highly addictive puzzle game that at first may seem boring and monotonous, and certainly not complicated. But over a short introduction and prologue it will be clear that the gameplay is dull Clicking on subjects here is not limited. Go towards incredible discoveries and findings in this wonderful game.
Zombies Olympics - Rio 2016Zombies Olympics - Rio 2016 - the original game with a good bit of humor which included sports and disciplines Summer Olympics, as well as the theme of zombies. Nice graphics, gradually increasing complexity, diversity in the gameplay and the overall unobtrusive become exactly what will make the project fun and interesting.
INTO MIRRORINTO MIRROR - cyberpunk chic with beautiful 2D graphics in the best traditions of the genre, there is only black and neon cool colors. Quite an interesting story, a large field for the development of the character and the purchase of various high-tech gadgets to combat enemies and much more will be a boon for fans.
PEACH BLOODPEACH BLOOD - full of dangerous adventure arcade game in which gamers will be populated in the world of so-called Vember. Simple but cute graphics, dynamic process constantly hunting each other and endless gameplay of survival will allow to spend your free time fun in the queue, and other boring situations.

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