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Super Dangerous DungeonsSuper Dangerous Dungeons - continuation of the popular platformer about a brave treasure hunter named Timmy. After the events of the first part was not long, but much prettier graphics, and managed to trip the main character began to play with new colors. And the adventure began more interesting and more dangerous, and the jackpot has increased many times over.
Coin-Op Heroes 2Coin-Op Heroes 2 - pixel old-school RPG with gameplay mechanics as a simulator tapas. Go into the world of fantasy and magic, where the barbarians and wizards battling countless evil forces, which live in the dense forests mythical dangerous predators eating unicorns, where a handful of Orcs, without the noise and dust stumbles terrible boss.
GopogoGopogo - action performed in old-school style, with a very high complexity of the gameplay. The game will appeal to any fan of interesting and challenging projects. Dozens of levels and characters, dangerous foes and deadly volatile location will make your journey into the world of a police state is very tense and drayvovym.
World ZombinationWorld Zombination - global strategy gameplay with great graphics which is designed more on the line, and cooperation with other players from your camp. Offbeat look at the theme of zombies, a huge opportunity to develop and improve thousands of competitors around the world allow gamers to plunge into the abyss of confrontation.
Fishing TownFishing Town - exciting project created by request of the Indonesian branch of the World Wildlife Fund to draw attention to its preservation in its original form. Beautiful graphics, diverse gameplay, interesting story history, development of everything, and the overall creative effect to cope with the task.
1 Volt1 Volt - an addictive puzzle game about the unusual character with a recognizable gameplay mechanics. With gloomy palette and outline objects, developers tend to pump gloom and despondency, as in other similar games in style, but somehow they have failed. The project is seen easily and completely inconvenienced.
Julkalendern 2014Julkalendern 2014 - the original children's adventure created by the project commissioned by the Swedish television. Fascinating story story about the search for the legendary treasure, nice graphics, great gameplay duration, simple, intuitive control and other positive features of long captivate young gamers.
White Island
White Island - a very good project, with combined genres and styles. This is a quest and an interactive romance and horror in which the main characters are just that trying to survive. The game system is implemented unpleasant original Donat. You must pay to access the next scene without waiting for the end of the timer.
BuriedTownBuriedTown - simulator survival in post-apocalyptic future, in which at first glance recognizable features of other similar games. Although a good idea and a high replay value, the result is rather ambiguous. Let's hope that the developers will throw BuriedTown not do the upgrade, and eventually it will become a way for others to follow.
Monster Heart Monster Heart - action-shooter that will appeal to fans of hunting or sniping missions. The game has a well-developed universe, addictive gameplay that is true but a couple of interesting findings has not undergone significant changes and is fairly standard, nice graphics and a very important goal - to rescue people from the world of mythical monsters and monsters.

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