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CATTCHCATTCH - new platformer from Darklings creators. Developers have abandoned their usual gloomy mood and left the last black-and-gray palette of their games. Now we have an excellent adventure project remotely resembling Reymena, bright, bright colors and original design of the characters and levels. A lot of positive impressions provided.
Fury Roads SurvivorFury Roads Survivor - chic racing arcade with Cubo-pixel graphics, superior quality and sold subject for the story (though controversial to call it a complete story), addictive gameplay, which is happy to brighten up leisure time and many other nice features. Fun and drive - guaranteed!
MekoramaMekorama - beautiful, excellent puzzle game from the creator of not less than chic Odd Bot Out. We are waiting for new adventures of the hero, but now he climbs on nature and will move in 3D. To all the positive features and adds that the game is free, and players can decide for themselves to what extent they want to thank the author.
Carrot DefenseCarrot Defense - simple "Tower Defense" in which fans of the genre with joy (or sadness) will find all the usual features of this style of gameplay and features. The difference of this game from others is only the presence of the original character, aims to protect and unusual species "towers", which, however, hardly anyone was surprised.
Brave RascalsBrave Rascals - ideal for those who are tired of the countless strategies similar to each other like two drops of water from the shooters in the same category, from dozens of games about zombiapokalipsis and other things than we "delight" the creators of the same type of products for mobile devices. Welcome to the childhood or in ancient times to modern gamers!
Survival Island: Dragon ClashSurvival Island: Dragon Clash - the adventure survival simulator in which the main character is very, very unlucky and we will need to try hard, so that he does not prematurely become lumpy local predators. At the moment the game, as well as all other similar projects is replete with a variety of bugs, flaws and other defects.
Light HouseLight House - an interesting and original puzzle game in which, in one of the few, the gameplay will be some elements of dynamics. And to achieve the goal should be to be careful and clever in time to change the dates of the objects or places to optimize the system on track for a proper energy passage.
Amber RouteAmber Route - a great card game with its own original style, an interesting storyline and addictive gameplay. Huge opportunities will help to create and use multiple tactics of behavior during the games against their opponents. But we must be careful on the higher difficulty levels, the AI ​​will not give the gamer no chance if he makes a mistake. Careful, the journey promises to be very dangerous.
Abandoned Factory Escape 6Abandoned Factory Escape 6 - the next puzzle, or rather a collection of small unrelated puzzles, united only site of action. The game will appeal to those who are absolutely not important story, and most importantly - it is seriously strain the brain in search of an answer to the question of what to do with this incomprehensible set of arms protruding from a more obscure units.
THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief GameTHEFT Inc.Stealth Thief Game - stealth-action game in which we turned into a top-class thief, and under cover of night umyknёm various valuable items during the execution of various tasks. Not a bad idea faces a hideous optimization and animation of all actions. And the linearity is happening seriously spoil the impression of the gameplay.

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