HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD Smartphone
Android 2.2
Screen:4.3" 480x800
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor:Qualcomm MSM 8255, 1000 Mhz
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:68x123x12 mm
Opening hours of standby time:9:10 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:490 hours
Weight 164 gram

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Free Games for Android

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 Battle of Littledom Battle of Littledom - this is a great adventure with the incremental battles interspersed with features and classic card game. The world inhabited by tiny people inhuman passions raging colossal dimensions. Magic and brave war, monsters and monsters, magical creatures and ancient race will begin the battle for power and the crown.
 Dead Walking - Survive Driver Zombies are everywhere, in the comics. on TV, in books, in the cinema, on posters and in advertisements in games across all platforms and now even outside the car. A trip to the store every time turns into a real test of your driving skills, nerves and reactions such stupid pedestrians, as in Dead Walking - Survive Driver you have never seen before.
 Whack a Smack Whack a Smack - a fun toy for the whole family, children and adults happy to spend time for fun punishment arrogant worms. One cute bear ate candy in splendid isolation, being terrible sweet tooth is a treat for him simply divine taste. But the worm ran past seeing this picture, displayed miracles prytkosti and swallowed place with candy cane. Revenge will be terrible !!!
 Safe cracker Some rely on quick action - gone, all on the floor, a man with a key and a pistol near his head open storage; others on covert penetration - many saps, bribery protection, exploration and search for information about the code, and so on; elite prefers to use professional bugbears that are very rare in the criminal world.
 Hadron Wars Hadron Wars - is a multiplayer real time strategy game, in which literally dozens of cloned with other similar products. Construction of a base, capture the neighboring campaign and PvP battles are standard, and a few cosmetic changes to the game mechanics do not change the essence of what is happening one iota. This RTS like only the most inveterate fans of the genre.
 Doodle War Doodle War - EKS wonderful arcade designed as voynushki on the pages of the notebook (who is not engaged in such a school, then it is still quite small). Painted authentic graphics, 48 ​​levels, crowds of monsters, weapons and power-ups transform a simple game mechanics is now exciting action. The main thing that this was not caught right in the classroom.
 Clones Crusade Rejoice fans of turn-based strategy, rejoice fans of X-com before you Clones Crusade - a worthy representative of the genre for mobile platforms. Think over tactics, ambush or go ahead losing fighters. Beautiful graphics, original plot complication, different types of units are complete with fun gameplay.
 TNT Master
TNT Master allows you to show all their destructive and explosive tendencies and needs in an exciting format exciting and beautiful puzzle. Lays the explosives and enthusiastically watch as someone building a "masterpiece" shatters into pieces. And dozens of different complexity of tasks will allow to show all his talent demolition.
 Skyward Skyward - it is amazing visually simple and extremely complex puzzle that conceals a fascinating gameplay, the original graphical style and a unique aura of endless pictures of the famous graphic artist MC Escher. Simple operation conceals many dangers and difficulties of passage, and various bonuses only added addictive gameplay.
 Laser Quest Laser Quest - is an addictive puzzle game about a fearless and brave yellow osminozhku named NiO. You are waiting for adventure and mozgovynosyaschie job for more than 90 levels, both at the bottom of the ocean, and on land. It's amazing to see from the creators of this "masterpiece" Adventures in the toilet, very good puzzle game. Apparently decided to rehabilitate.

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