Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Smartphone
Android 2.2
Screen:3.1" 240x320 px
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor:600 Mhz
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:61x110x12 mm
Opening hours of standby time:9:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:570 hours
Weight 0 gram

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Scribbled Arena - PocketEdScribbled Arena - PocketEd - the ultimate action game about fighting the battle against soulless robots vehicles or among themselves for the right to be called the best. And all this is happening on the lined pages of a school notebook, among the skillful hand-painted buildings, walls and other objects. The graphic style of a ballpoint pen and a variety of opportunities are waiting all eager to fight.
FreeStyle Baseball 2FreeStyle Baseball 2 will send you into a world where baseball has eclipsed all other sports and now the entire population of the world is crazy about men with bats. You will find a huge number of championships and competitions from mezhdvorovyh and district to the world in which you requisitions for the best and the most skillful players.
Dungeon Boss Call to his side unique fighters in the game Dungeon Boss, create a detachment of invincible heroes and go to terrify the monsters and evil brood in nearby caves and catacombs. Nice graphic style and the immortal gameplay will make your pastime easy and fun. Monsters and huge bosses attached.
GALLIA Rise of Clans Ruthless Roman Empire defeated the last bastion of resistance and freedom-loving Gauls completely subjugated all the territory. But in the dense forests which were not able to get the most daring and skillful legionaries brewing rebellion against the invaders. Surviving veterans of the battles and desperate youths preparing to start a new war, and you are obliged to help them.
Traffic Cross: Do not Hit By CarTraffic Cross: Do not Hit By Car - arcade with a minimalist kind of pixel graphics and hardcore gameplay. These games will always find an echo in the hearts of gamers. Projects with the most simple terms and exorbitant complexity of passage, akin to masochism, who repeatedly challenged all who love and not afraid of difficulties.
Magic RiverMagic River - an amazing arcade game with a very, very difficult gameplay. Quiet and melodic soundtrack creates an enchanting feel of what is happening, but not convenient management will play on the nerves. Embark on a fantastic journey through a magical river, collect as many magic crystals, and try to swim as far as possible.
Beat Bop: Pop Star ClickerBeat Bop: Pop Star Clicker - straight from the tin simulator tapa which finally have a more or less goal-written and even a hint of a plot. Climb up from the bottom and become a real rock star with millions of global fans. Earn fabulous fees for concerts and bathe in the glory. And will have to start with a homemade guitar and passers-by as the audience.
Castle CrafterCastle Crafter - is the perfect game for fans of the Middle Ages and Maynkrafta. Building landscape of cubes, huge castles, sieges and battles are waiting for all the angular characters in this project. Proprietary graphics, unusual features for this sandbox, and much more will be a real discovery for gamers.
Pixel Fodder Alfa The name of the game Pixel Fodder Alfa or Pixel Meat is not as better suited for it. In one phrase enclosed everything that is incorporated into the gameplay. Despite the fact that the project is still in development in front of us already full action full of drive, black humor, parodies, hidden references, easter eggs, and other pleasant moments.
Bullet BoyBullet Boy (literally boy bullet), though it sounds rude yet translated fairly reflects the appearance of the main character. He is still very young, but not for years courageous and bold. On his helmet characteristic shape (except for the protection and gives a good aerodynamic effect). And he has a dream of his life - to save the world and family.

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