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High RisersHigh Risers - a new addictive and time devouring arcade game from the creators of such visually simple but incredibly spanning games like Bean Dreams, Time Surfer, Duet and others. As before, we are waiting for control in one tap, designed for attentiveness and speed of decision-making gameplay and a pretty picture.
Life Simulator 2016Life Simulator 2016 - visually simple, but at the same time extremely original simulator in which we will live simply. Start to be from the bottom and gradually achieving a good position in society, and reliable foundation for the peaceful old age. Minimalist interface, hardcore component will delight all fans of unusual projects.
EcoDriverEcoDriver - racing arcade, which the creators know exactly how to diversify stale genre, breathing in his simple but very original idea and chips. Cute graphics and simple controls with one finger only added to the positive experience of the infinite randomly generated gameplay.
PEACH BLOODPEACH BLOOD - full of dangerous adventure arcade game in which gamers will be populated in the world of so-called Vember. Simple but cute graphics, dynamic process constantly hunting each other and endless gameplay of survival will allow to spend your free time fun in the queue, and other boring situations.
Car Toon Delivery Simulator The game Car Toon Delivery Simulator takes place in a small secluded village where the rural landscape is dominated more. Farms, tiny houses and low, dense forests, and other pastoral features are scattered on several closely spaced islands. But it is also present in the relief of mountains and even a tourist area with hotels and beaches.
Steppy PantsSteppy Pants can be called a simulator and walk at the same time extremely hardcore and not predictable. No one ever thought that the usual walk along the streets of the city can be so difficult, dangerous and fraught with trauma event. Yes, moving in space using the lower limbs - it's really exciting and fascinating adventure.
Speedy Car - Endless RushSpeedy Car - Endless Rush - hardcore arcade game with minimalist graphics and simple gameplay to the pain. It will become a stumbling block for anyone who hopes for an easy and carefree ride in this game. Any error or hasty action will be the last, and send immediately to restart. Only the maximum concentration will save on unnecessary problems.
Bye Bye ZombiesBye Bye Zombies is built on the same principle as the previous draft of these developers Smash a Terrorist. All gameplay mechanics based on the care, speed and accuracy of decision-making activities. Because of all this will depend on not only the life of the protagonist, but the future of many others in the last remaining refuge.
Moy Zoo 2Moy Zoo 2 - casual games for the little ones. Nevertheless, it will be interesting for gamers and adults who want to simply relax with a good gameplay and cute toy that does not require any extra movements. Minimalistic design and good graphics without overly bright colors do not cause irritation and allow for an evening pass it completely.
PlumpFishPlumpFish - a great casual game that is ideal for young gamers. Cute characters, colorful graphics, good story and is very easy gameplay mechanics will delight all children (and their parents too). A large number of levels for a long time to calm even the most restless owner android device.

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