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Sniper Time 2: MissionsSniper Time 2: Missions - sniper shooter from the company Pipetka Games, that in itself is interesting. The first part of the main character was trained tricks sniper case in a secret military camp. This allowed him to get all the necessary knowledge and skills. Now, the school behind it waiting for the real combat missions.
Drone Air Assault 2Drone 2 Air Assault - a continuation of the popular action in which gamers in the role of a gunner gun mounts are installed on a variety of aircraft fighting the enemy from a safe distance. Since then much water has flowed, and now the whole planet is immersed in a global confrontation between two warring camps.
Dustoff Heli Rescue 2Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 - sequel to the popular arcade helicopter with voxel graphics and fun gameplay coupled with a convenient and simple management rotorcraft. New locations, capabilities, equipment, weapons, jobs, and other features will please not only the first part of the fans, but those who are only familiar with the cockpit.
Enigma Point & Click AdventureEnigma Point Click Adventure - an interesting 2D adventure with beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, numerous puzzles and hilarious ways to solve them. Adventures of the main character for a long time to capture all without exception, and make you feel like the role of skilful, but a little unlucky spy during the Second World War.
T-34 "Armor is strong and our tanks are fast", a phrase from the famous song does not reflect the reality of the events in the game T-34. There is no prokachaeshsya, will greatly suffer from any opponent, even if it is armed with conventional small arms. In the initial stages like tanks consist of cardboard.
Trenches of WarTrenches of War - visually simple, but incredibly interesting and exciting 2D strategy on the events of the First World War. Action on the plot develops somewhere in the Alps, where the soldiers of the two warring sides met in a fierce battle. Easy operation makes it easy to manage their wards during the attack.
Alien Zone RaidAlien Zone Raid - continuation of the popular action game with an isometric camera in which we as a brave heroine will continue to defend the borders of humanity from the alien invasion. The game's plot begins shortly after the finale of the first part. Fighting young lady was able to save a space station from destruction and clean it from hordes of hideous creatures.
Fire Flying The main heroes of Fire Flying games will be pilots, and not simple, and those who run the aerial firefighting. Here are several types of this unique technology designed to deal with one of the most dangerous natural disasters. In our disposal will be a tiny single-engine seaplanes and enormous colossus allows you to reset to the "enemy" many-ton water.
Alien Shooter TDAlien Shooter TD - game from Sigma Team, the team that created the well-known cult shooter. Here are just a new project can not many come to mind. After a prefix to the name "TD" - this is nothing, as the "Tower Defense". That means fans will not see the continuation of the epic, and take a look at the same events only from a different angle and a different gameplay mechanics.
Strafe RunStrafe Run - a fun action game in which we will see the old ideas in a new way and maybe it's someone very like it. Nice graphics, endless gameplay, First Mira war theme (which is extremely rare in geymdeyve and not only) will delight all fans of this genre, management flappy bird style will be a real test for the nerves.

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