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Trainz TroubleTrainz Trouble - another version of the classic puzzle about trains and seriously confusing tracks. Because of what we will have to think carefully before the start, so you are not confused to make a series of actions to get the right result for the minimum number of moves, and as a consequence of the stars needed to open the next level.
POND JOURNEYPOND JOURNEY - an addictive puzzle game from DreamSky, the creators pile action games and other dynamic games with aggressive gameplay. At this time in front of us a pure meditative hobby with beautiful graphics and pleasant design, good voice acting and a lot of levels with regular updates. It remains only to play and enjoy.
City Lines for puzzle loversCity Lines for puzzle lovers - a beautiful puzzle game with classic gameplay mechanics that much time has already been used, but still has not lost relevance and fascination. Along with the gradual increase in the level of complexity of the players will be able to properly train your brain and your cheer it interesting tests.
Magic Flute: PuzzleMagic Flute: Puzzle - an addictive and original puzzle adventure story which is almost a complete copy of Mozart's singspiel opera of the same name. Beautiful graphics, slow gameplay (although we strongly want to convince in back), the soundtrack - classical music of the great composer and a lot of levels are waiting for us.
City 2048City 2048 - as visually simple so incredibly interesting and addictive puzzle game. You can not put it down, gamers will always start again and again to beat your own record and reached the pinnacle of craftsmanship and have passed this game (it's very unlikely, but statistically possible).
Gabriel Knight Sins of FathersGabriel Knight Sins of Fathers - a remake of the old school adventure re-design in 1993. Improved graphics up to modern standards and upheld the original storyline makes this game one of the best gifts for fans of the original version and all lovers of exciting adventures.
 Nun Attack Origins: Yuki Nun Attack Origins: Yuki - a spin-off from the main game series, which is a puzzle with elements of stealth action. Go into the jungle and bamboo thickets to save all the hostages and punish the arrogant monster. Become a shadow merge with the night darkness and Razite enemies with one blow. Settle fear in the hearts of the kidnappers.
 Mad Dex Mad Dex - arcade with hardcore gameplay follows the adventures of a red blood cell. The player's task is to wading through numerous traps and deadly collect keys. And then save his love, imprisoned in a cage located in the epicenter of security complex. Spent nerves and a lot of fun guaranteed.
 Zombie escape house Zombie escape house - quest in the style of penetration of an object (or escape). The lack of a clear story (and for what it is?) Is offset by the beautiful location, very zamudrennymi riddles, frightening atmosphere, convenient interface design and feel the aura of a horror movie. But evil beings try to make you do not survive the night.
 Grandpa's Table Demo

Grandpa's Table Demo - you have to restore the memories of his grandfather, collecting life story literally bit by bit. To do this, you need to play the game, which hides an ancient table. You need to turn the ancient magical stones, to the memory of those times come back to you.

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