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Caveboy GOCaveboy GO - nice puzzle game in which you need to think very quickly and try not to panic in the event of a finding of a timer in the red zone. Beautiful graphics, a huge number of levels, characters, and gameplay is very difficult because of the time limitation will please all who want to arrange your brain a real thrashing.
Dead Town - Zombie survivalDead Town - Zombie survival - hardcore game of survival in the conditions of the next zombiapokalipsisa in which we again find ourselves thus surviving. The main character just incredibly lucky not to be bitten or killed by other people in the first days of the end of the world. Now he is alone to roam the streets of the North American suburb.
Help !! Zombies The main hero of the game Help !!Zombies will not commando survivalist or a professional or the most incredibly lucky characters from movies and TV shows coming to consciousness after the end of the first phase zombiapokalipsisa, as an ordinary person, who sooner or later will be the statistical average of the walking dead.
Life Simulator 2016Life Simulator 2016 - visually simple, but at the same time extremely original simulator in which we will live simply. Start to be from the bottom and gradually achieving a good position in society, and reliable foundation for the peaceful old age. Minimalist interface, hardcore component will delight all fans of unusual projects.
Eden: The GameEden: The Game - beautiful vyzhivalcheski-playing game where the gameplay is based on the eponymous TV show. In it the modern residents want to find the answer to how our ancestors lived and carried on his life, as well as personally to try out their knowledge into practice. Nice graphics, various process and other features will carry away for a long time without exception.
My MajestyMy Majesty - a new project in a familiar manner by Tigrido, creators of many a "dictator" and other fascinating strategy. This time on the idea of ​​development, we will go to the Middle Ages and try himself as the king of a small European country. And traditionally, we need to hold on to power as long as possible.
Survival Of PrimitiveSurvival Of Primitive - a fascinating adventure game mechanics which is based on the classic word-system with elements of turn-based RPG. The plot tells us about how difficult it has to survive clan turncoats in prehistoric times, given the fact that the protagonist of the owner of the "golden heart".
Final Fortress - Idle SurvivalFinal Fortress - Idle Survival - another arcade survival simulator, which is essentially the usual clicker in the setting of the same zombiapokalipsisa. "Original" game will suffice for a maximum of a few tens of minutes, and then the players will rest in painful expectation accumulation of resources in order to pick them up and start the cycle all over again.
Dungeon ExplorerDungeon Explorer - addictive arcade game with a voxel generated graphics and levels in which we have long zavedёnnoy on tradition need to travel and explore different mazes in search of something valuable and meaningful. To oppose us this will be a variety of traps and very dangerous opponents offsuit.
Zombo Buster RisingZombo Buster Rising - an action in which we will defend a group of ordinary people from the extremely dangerous and bloodthirsty zombie mutants. Unexpected (as always) end of the world caught everyone by tradition at the wrong time and be saved in the first days zombiapokalipsisa managed units. But now they will go to any lengths to save the lives of themselves and others.

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