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Rogue LifeRogue Life - it is a kind of runner divided into missions with elements of RPG, survival and several other genres and styles. The mixture is called from the developers 'crossover', and its concept is quite interesting for all who are tired of the same type of games. Well and beautiful graphics and diverse gameplay complement a positive impression.
Ginger Rangers The game takes place Ginger Rangers in the Wild West with all the classic features of the period - the desert, revolvers, a lot of alcohol, dangerous neighborhood, horses, plank houses, dusty little town and everything else except koe-chego unusual - a winged, spherical monsters preferring to chelovechenku his diet.
Monster CrewMonster Crew - platformer with cute endless gameplay and the automatic run. Good graphics, classical mechanics of the process, gradually increasing complexity, interesting findings in the form of elements of collectible card games, and more will delight fans of the genre and not only.
Save My Garden!Save My Garden! - A beautiful and quite unusual game that immediately after the start is determined by how much a modified Arkanoid. Instead, blocks are monsters and fruit, futuristic locations replaced with green and dense garden, and the racket and the projectile - a team of protein. They have to protect the crop from hungry outsiders.
Pixel SummonerPixel Summoner - an unusual role-playing project with pixel graphics and original approach to the genre of clickers. Instead of constant zatapavaniya enemy, here we have a whole group of those who will do it for us. That they then need to constantly urge not to be a one-on-one against another monster.
Shoggoth RisingShoggoth Rising - simple and yet very addictive arcade game of survival in which the main character will fight with the waves of sea monsters thirsting for his blood and flesh. Good graphics, an original story and qualitatively prepodnes—Ďnnaya history, extensive development opportunities and other features make this game worthwhile.
Tap TownTap Town - a fascinating story about a small, run-down village standing is not known where and why. Residents were extremely humble, quiet and inconspicuous life is not far not opened a portal to another dimension. And of course there climbed monsters and other supernatural creatures eager to regale chelovechenkoy. Fortunately in the settlement found a misguided hero.
Bravium Creators Bravium positioned the game as a mix of action, RPG and strategy in the style of "The protection of towers". And not in vain, we have a really explosive brew in which gamers in the role of a variety of brave heroes will fight the disgusting, but nicely well developed monsters to rescue beautiful girls, find artifact weapon and avenge the huge dragon.
Pet MonstersPet Monsters - a new project from the notorious people of Rovio. This time everything went without their ever-aggressive birds and we will destroy the monsters using unique pets from another dimension. The mechanics of the gameplay resembles a pinball or pool, and looks quite original compared to other games in this style.
Dice Hunter: QotDDice Hunter: QotD - an exciting project with role-playing elements of puzzle and board game mechanics. Nice graphics, well-crafted design and great opportunities with simple controls allow to plunge into the exciting fantasy world having involved only one hand. So the adventure does not stop even on the road.

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