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Slugterra: Slug it Out 2Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 - Puzzle "three in a row" is a continuation and at the same time one of the many games in the franchise based on the popular animated series about the underworld located in the center of the Earth. It is inhabited by people other mythical races, good and bad, as well as a small monsters called slugs.
Kubo: A Samurai QuestKubo: A Samurai Quest - Puzzle in classical mechanics "Three in a row" created after the cartoon about a young samurai released by summer 2016. Nice graphics, familiar characters, plenty of adventures throughout the many levels and loved by many gameplay will attract all who want to have fun with music and spend their free time.
Tropical TwistTropical Twist - a casual game in the style of "three in a row" by SQUARE ENIX. This publisher before was seen not only in the production of mobile platforms iconic and popular projects, but also the usual classical genres of entertainment, typical of "android". Here Tropical Twist is intended to continue this series and at the same time to please the fans.
Shadow WarsShadow Wars - is a story about that during all the time of monsters and other creatures of darkness live among the ordinary and everyday. 5 secret and very ancient Order of waging war against each other for the absolute power of using children the night instead of his soldiers, as well as those who are called handlers - people have the talent to catch the monsters and command them.
Goddess of epics. Kalliope!Goddess of epics.Kalliope -! Original combination in which levels are on the tiles in the maze of fantastic style Escher drawing, but by themselves are classic "three in a row." The game will appeal to all fans of the genre and those who are crazy for the unusual and charmingly mystic. Save the magical world of snatching it from the darkness of llamas.
Turn your DestinyTurn your Destiny - a new original puzzle game in the style of "4 in a row and more" making a serious step in the development of this genre. Interesting mechanics, great graphics and a fairly high complexity will please all who are already tired of the monotonous game boards crosswise. A story story only adds to the positive experience of the journey through the wonderful land.
Tower TroopersTower Troopers - the original, truly original puzzle represents the classic style of "three in a row" in a completely different form and submission of key players. Well, nice graphics and a lot of levels with gradually increasing complexity are added only positive impressions from the gameplay. The truth is a little vague spoils management, but this is just nitpicking.
Puzzle Craft 2Puzzle Craft 2 - continuation of the popular strategy with a dash of puzzle in the style of "three in a row" in which gamers will continue to deal the first part, only on a different continent. We gonna get there thanks to a happy occasion and found it very rich and fertile land, we are very happy about this coincidence.
Soul-Box: Puzzle FightersSoul-Box: Puzzle Fighters - a puzzle in the style of "three in a row" mixed with RPG and fantasy adventure. We will be able to move the item you want us to go anywhere. Conveniently? Yes. Here we have only a few turns until the enemy is not broke our defenses and killed all of our associates. Alone, the main character can not do much.
Jungle Jack AdventureJungle Jack Adventure - Puzzle-style "three in a row" that will appeal to all who are eager to diversify their favorite genre dynamics and action. Nice graphics, the presence of the plot, and extensive tree development as a character, and his native village make this game a memorable experience, even for those who think that he has seen a lot.

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