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Tower ConquestTower Conquest - a strategy with horizontal scrolling, nice graphics and the possibility of the PvP, which increases the replayability usual standard and in fact the game. Gamers are waiting for fights and battles from the category of who is steeper zadonatil and all other delights of this genre. For introverts have offline mode with bots and storyline.
WarlordsWarlords - very addictive turn-based strategy with the global map. Beautiful graphics and an interesting tactical component will appeal to all who want without the hassle and complexity pokrushit opponents without much suffering from retaliation. A lengthy story line allows for a long time to plunge into the world of fantasy battle.
DrakenlordsDrakenlords - classic collectible card game that takes place in a fantasy world with orcs, magic, undead, dark cults, gloomy locations where it is better not to happen, the approaching end of the world and other standard features inherent in this parallel dimension fictional writers.
Trainers of Kala People from Frima Studio, responsible for the creation of a series of Nun Attack and a couple of other exciting projects, decided to try his hand at mixing genres and provided to the Court of gamers Trainers of Kala. The result is a strategy with bases and collectible card game, with a very nice graphics.
Hammer of FuryHammer of Fury - the classic role-based project in the style of the Asian segment of the genre. Although here and there kawaii characters and other features, but the region of production becomes immediately clear. Nice graphics, numerous jobs and the availability of the rudiments of the story and its appeal to all fans of fantasy Rubilovo.
Legendary TavernLegendary Tavern - will reveal to us one of the most mysterious side of life in the fantasy characters, namely, the ability to live between the execution of orders. But we will not only be fun to spend free time and to consume strong drinks, but also to carry out raids in the territory captured by monsters and demons.
Dice Hunter: QotDDice Hunter: QotD - an exciting project with role-playing elements of puzzle and board game mechanics. Nice graphics, well-crafted design and great opportunities with simple controls allow to plunge into the exciting fantasy world having involved only one hand. So the adventure does not stop even on the road.
Drop TaleDrop Tale - excellent puzzle game with beautiful graphics, very nice and changing the main character, many levels and interesting gameplay mechanics, and many other features that make this game the mandatory to educate anyone interested in unusual applications.
BattleplansBattleplans - a strategy with great graphics, truly excellent, and for which the cost to play this game. Though the gameplay mechanics and the like as two drops of water, on many projects of this genre for mobile devices, this long time you do not notice, surrendering to the power of epic battles against the army of necromancers.
Monster MountainMonster Mountain - role-playing project, it would seem, with the usual and reuse of gameplay mechanics, yet the game was very exciting, eventful and exciting. Simple but stylish 2D graphics gives an excellent three-dimensional image. Quickly go through the usual training and rush into the maelstrom of adventure with his head.

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