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Oh Sheep - Clicker GameOh Sheep - Clicker Game -! Clicker creators of which have simply copied Egg inc. turning the original on the track "production" of other living creatures. If someone liked the original project, Oh Sheep also have liked. Both games are alike as two drops of water, but equally fascinating and exciting.
Happy OinkHappy Oink - lovely "simulator tapa" with elements of music games with nice graphics and good gameplay. The project offers a purely meditative and creative process in which we will improve the mood of a large pink pig remaining all alone on the farm.
Galactic Xpress!Galactic Xpress -! Good, sometimes very interesting and original representative cohort of "simulators tapa". Developers understand that with the mechanics of gameplay, just a sea of ​​maritime projects, tried to bring him something new, unusual and exciting. Did this, players will be able to test yourself.
Tap Mafia - Idle Clicker
Tap Mafia - Idle Clicker - Clicker classic in which gamers will lead a small mafia gang and will have to develop it into a real international syndicate with offices in other cities and countries. Huge opportunities for earnings and what the savings to spend long captivate fans of this genre.
PolitiCats: Free Clicker GamePolitiCats: Free Clicker Game - pretty clicker creators who made ​​a winning bet on the fact that their characters are ... seals. Who loves the lion? All!!! So, by definition, have a game interesting and exciting, and given that it is so, then we need to play, play, play it for hours.
The Little Match Girl: HappyThe Little Match Girl: Happy - simulator tapa creators who took over the story basis of a classic tale of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl". The game, as the primary source, there is a New Year's Eve, in that wonderful magical moment of the holiday, which was overshadowed by the fear of a cruel father returned home.
Egg, Inc.Egg, Inc. - a fascinating and quite exciting clicker allows you to seriously reflect on the universal eternal question - "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?". Players will be in your possession a small poultry farm and will need to develop it into an incredibly profitable enterprise supplying products throughout the country.
Castle ClickerCastle Clicker can be attributed to urban planning and to the clicker and even a little to the economic strategies. But most of the time you will spend Tapani monotonous across the screen. Mining - press, the construction of buildings - push, sent the ship on a trip and want to increase its speed - press. Fans of "simulators tapas" are sure to enjoy, all the rest is unlikely.
Crusaders of the Lost IdolsCrusaders of the Lost Idols - clicker, one of many, but, unlike the latter projects are difficult, but you can die if you carelessly leave the characters one by one with a giant monster and his assistants. Simple graphics, and has already become a classic gameplay will be able to brighten the weary minutes of waiting in line or in traffic.
Tap Company: Startup in Miami Who would have thought that the so-called "Clickers" permanently occupy a niche fleeting entertainment. Banal Tapani on the screen once is not played up and used. But it soon became clear that a similar gameplay has outlived its time to move on and Tap Company:. Startup in Miami - clearly shows in what direction the genre can develop.

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