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Portal WorldsPortal Worlds - beta version of the multiplayer 2D multiplayer sandbox in which players join the army of ordinary townsfolk went for the exploration and colonization of distant worlds through the system lightning portals. Also, everyone will be able to build a new home on a habitable planet and protect it properly.
WH40K: Carnage Champions Despite its long-established and unbreakable phenomenal cult status Warhammer universe continues regularly to please their fans with new projects in all epochs. That WH40K: Carnage Champions offers a fascinating and very exciting adventure conjugate with incredible danger.
Galactic Xpress!Galactic Xpress -! Good, sometimes very interesting and original representative cohort of "simulators tapa". Developers understand that with the mechanics of gameplay, just a sea of ​​maritime projects, tried to bring him something new, unusual and exciting. Did this, players will be able to test yourself.
Alien Zone RaidAlien Zone Raid - continuation of the popular action game with an isometric camera in which we as a brave heroine will continue to defend the borders of humanity from the alien invasion. The game's plot begins shortly after the finale of the first part. Fighting young lady was able to save a space station from destruction and clean it from hordes of hideous creatures.
The Mars FilesThe Mars Files - Text adventure-vyzhivalchisky project in which the protagonist will be one on one with the inhospitable Red Planet. The random generation of starting conditions, a wide variety of possibilities and activities, huge space and very high complexity will please all lovers of quality and intelligent games.
Deus Ex GO In anticipation of release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided SQUARE ENIX in order to expand the universe of the cult, and even more immersing gamers in it supplemented its series of turn-based puzzles third release. Meet Deus Ex GO, a game designed to brighten up the waiting time of release, to stretch the brain a little bit and even get to undergo useful bonuses.
Star Crusade CCGStar Crusade ™ CCG - a collectible card game created in the scenery of the distant future, and the global war mode - all against all. Fans of the genre will appreciate the excellent graphics, classic gameplay, traced more than 400 detailed maps and a variety of parties to the conflict for which you can raise your standard and go into battle.
ROBOROBO - platformer created in the spirit of old school games. The characteristic graphics, gameplay, music and sounds will delight all eyes and ears of players missed the visually simple but highly addictive entertainment. We have to join battle with hordes of runaway combat robots and remain in the ranks of the whole and not rusted.
Dash MastersDash Masters - a new game from the creators of the popular series Playmous Tap the Frog. The project has excellent graphics, a little familiar management that you want to get used to the addictive gameplay, nice soundtrack and a large field for the mission and receive a variety of achievements. Wear a suit and go!
Vector 2Vector 2 - a direct sequel to the popular arcade-Rahner with beautiful 2D graphics and excellent animation elements of parkour. The plot of the second part will reveal new aspects of the everyday life of the near future, when a person is almost completely lost their freedom and became an ordinary cog in the hands of powerful corporations control every second.

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