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Monster CrewMonster Crew - platformer with cute endless gameplay and the automatic run. Good graphics, classical mechanics of the process, gradually increasing complexity, interesting findings in the form of elements of collectible card games, and more will delight fans of the genre and not only.
Maxim The RobotMaxim The Robot - a classic action-adventure platformer with beautiful graphics and distinctive gameplay mechanics. Run, jump, collect coins (here, gears, because the main character is a robot), we find the secrets, eliminate enemies and seek to find their love. Fans alike are sure to enjoy the entertainment.
Super Spartan Fury WorldSuper Spartan Fury World - classic platformer with colorful graphics and characters to draw in cartoon style. Standard, but addictive gameplay overshadowed by the need to be permanently connected to the Internet and as a consequence of the large number of advertising getting out every time a load. To play or not to play in such conditions - the choice for gamers.
Undergrave - an early version of an exciting pixel platformer - bagel. Before us is an exciting adventure in a dark and dangerous underworld. The classic elements of the genre are in the right places, side by side with some of the original findings. Let's hope that developers will continue in the same spirit, and soon we will get a complete product.
WIND runner adventureWIND runner adventure - exciting 2D shooter in which half of positive emotions meets great graphics, gameplay and the rest generates styled all your favorite retro platformers. Join a charming and eccentric main character and go on an exciting quest of countless treasures.
Jungle Adventures 2Jungle Adventures 2 - continuation of the adventures of the terrible prehistoric hero named Matt. From the time he saved the princess from the clutches of a furious tiger it took quite a bit of time. By law, meanness ordinary problems fell on him during a solemn celebration in the family. But nothing can be done, you need to save their neighborhood.
NinjAwesomeNinjAwesome - gorgeous platformer in the style of a ninja. Old-school graphics and classic gameplay with automatic run will delight all fans of retro games and fans of exciting projects. Join the legendary clan of warriors night and perform deadly missions and assignments for the glory of his craft.
Cat Knight StoryCat Knight Story - classic platformer with automatic run. A typical schedule for this genre very well with hardcore gameplay and turns, in fact, the usual "skipping rope" into something really fun and exciting. A cute eared character just gives the whole process more positive impression.
Dragon Warrior AdventuresDragon Warrior Adventures - a project that is very diligently trying to look old-school platformer, however, if you do not ponder and not to stare, he manages it. It is good that the developers did not do the graphics in a retro style, and left a very nice looking color palette. Fans of the old game and just exciting entertainment are sure to enjoy.
Forest AdventureForest Adventure - a fun platformer is already beginning to organize graphic style. The dark outlines of characters and objects are located on the bright, colorful background. Automatically running the protagonist defines problem gamers only time the button is pressed the jump. But a bunch of deadly traps turn a simple process into a real attraction to death.

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