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Mountain RageMountain Rage - elegant arcade full of black humor and adventurous. The protagonist is a rich reindeer horns risen on skis and went to avenge little people has transformed the once wild places in the ski resort. Travels here and there in the bright costumes, they did not honor the nature and it is fully repay them for neglect.
MahlukMahluk - classic 8-bit platformer made ​​in a very gloomy color palette and telling about the dangerous adventures of the protagonist. Jumping, battle, cleverly hidden secrets and much more inherent in this genre will please all the fans and allow long plunge into the story the story of revenge and rage.
CreepyCreepy - elegant arcade stylized retro. Maximum simplicity and pixel graphics in blue-black tones responsible for the authenticity of the old school. A superb soundtrack, cool voice and the voice of the character of our assistant turns everything into a really exciting adventure in a very dark world full of dangers.
The East New WorldThe East New World - gorgeous platformer stylized retro games, strongly reminiscent of the gameplay and a detailed one popular project about another valiant warrior. He went to an exciting journey full of adventure, amazing dating, fighting, troubles and everything else that surrounds individuals like him.
Crashing SeasonCrashing Season - uses the familiar shooter mechanics in a very unusual manner, which, coupled with the "cardboard" style graphics and dynamic soundtrack, perfect for an event makes the game very exciting and interesting for all ages and thematic preferences. Avenge evil hunters and return stolen.
BioBeastsBioBeasts - action, its nice not hackneyed gameplay mechanics, good graphics and system development of the protagonist. The project is reminiscent of the process of the old Soviet game about wolves from the cartoon "Well, wait a minute!", But with blood, cruelty and thirst for freedom became a disgusting mutant creatures. Show your enemies what they are really mistaken in their deeds.
HamletHamlet - fascinating quest with a bunch of puzzles from Alawar. Beautiful and location traced in detail, original approach to the classic story - a crazy interpretation of events, and a little crazy characters make gameplay exciting and interesting. And sometimes more complex puzzles and forced to think.
Devil EaterDevil Eater - an excellent shooter with brutal main character, hordes of demons and beautiful graphics in the steel-gray tones. The mechanics of the gameplay requires fine tuned action and good observation. It should look just behind all the enemies attacking you and just put blocks or create superudary.
Comedy questComedy quest creators of the game or get a neighbor clearly drew his inspiration from the imperishable works of the past years. But this time, the developers decided to diversify the process and make it more ambitious. And the hero has changed, if the original built lad minor mischief harmful neighbor, here the character began full-scale hostilities.
Whack Your NeighbourWhack Your Neighbour - very, very "good" game. We tell the story of the sausages, dog, evil neighbor and the main character, who just wanted to spend a weekend in the backyard of his house, breathe fresh air and barbecue. Shakespeare's tragedy will not happen, but still, even the corpse disfigure turf lawn. But in what way you decide.

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