Xelorians - Space Shooter


Xelorians - Space Shooter - a very colorful and elegantly crafted in graphic terms scrolling shooter for Android-devices, which will surprise you with unprecedented effects and control. From the depths of our planet was pumped all black and blue gold, which caused a real energy shortage. Despite this situation, earthlings lucky that by the time they learned to surf the space as easily and naturally as we are today, we walk through the streets of cities. All in all, another victim was found energy magnates, and it turned out to Mars.
As usually happens in such stories, the humans were not alone in this situation. Mars began to look closely to the representatives of other civilizations, to agree that is unlikely to succeed. As a result, your task is to destroy enemy space ships, decided to encroach on the resources of the red planet, and hence on the energy stability of the Earth. The fight will be not honest, and therefore you must be prepared to confront the enemy space fleet of hundreds of ships, which range includes thirty different types. In addition to all the above you will have to wait 8 white and furry creatures called in common bosses.
Not worth much to be depressed about it, because you can choose the easiest of the three available levels of difficulty. Moreover, during the game you will have to wait for a variety of bonuses, giving eight types of weapons, as well as the tar pit, destroying all enemies in sight, and many other things that should help you in the battle with the enemy. Music and sound in the game is excellent. So much so that the developers recommend playing with headphones. And the most interesting thing in the game - is control. Basically, everything is easy and many friends. Used to control the vehicle sliding finger movements across the screen.
Management is interesting because, thanks to him, you can just throw a smartphone in your pocket or put on the table by not pressing any buttons, without a pause and a smartphone ... without worrying about whether your warship now break into a hundred fragments, attacked the enemy. That's because as soon as you remove your finger from the screen, the game will be put on pause. In order to remove it from the pause, not to touch anywhere on the screen. Need to get a finger on a twisting drive, responsible for the management of your vehicle. However, and there is a small catch. The fact is that by touching during pause to the left side of the screen, you perform a full reset of progress and start the game again. In this case there will be no standard information system, such as: "Are you sure you want to reset the progress?".


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    Тема для теста, просто так.

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