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Skull Towers - Castle DefenseSkull Towers - Castle Defense - the original strategy in the style of "defense towers" with elements of a shooter, shooting range in the first person. Or vice versa, as you prefer. Here you can completely surrender to self-destruction of evil (and it will be quite difficult) or a couple to help build fortifications ready at any moment to attack.
Zombie MatchZombie Match - beta-version of the arcade in the style of "three in a row." Hopefully, the developers quickly finish work on it at the same time adding to its variety of interesting finds and original chips. After all, even at this stage of the project it is a fascinating process by which really hard to break away.
MASTER OF GRABMASTER OF GRAB - is the story of the ancient fortress of the dwarves standing in the dense forests of the south. It was built a long time ago to foothill residents could trade, communicate and enter into agreements with other races this fantasy world. It was once a rich center of a neutral territory where all feel safe.
STELLAR FOXSTELLAR FOX - beautiful puzzle with a nice visual style and enchanting music. The project has a fairly standard gameplay mechanics, but thanks to some findings will please even those who consider themselves a real expert in the field of similar games. Help lisёnku come home to a loving mother.
Siege RaidSiege Raid - a strategy designed primarily for PvP battles with other players. The game is very similar to the popular Clash Royale, but only with some changes in the mechanics and the overall concept. But fans of the genre it is strongly recommended to pay attention to this project, if they want to diversify their leisure time duels with rivals.
Fairytale TracerFairytale Tracer - sweet and kind puzzle game from indie developer with classical mechanics and a very nice graphics with a pleasant style. We find ourselves in a world of animated fairytales from the book will need to find a way to the normal world. But what is the normal world, where the main character will be very unusual, but likeable character.
Space Farmer TomSpace Farmer Tom - simulator with a "clicker" elements and pixel graphics. Events are developing in the future when humanity has reached incredible heights in science and technology, vigorously explores the cosmos, has won all diseases and practically invented immortality, only with all that it has not been able to provide themselves with food.
Keep CraftKeep Craft - a very interesting and unhurried simulator in which we are going to build their own country from ancient times to the present day. Beautiful and stylish graphics, high duration of the game and a variety of features will appeal to all who do not like natapyvat resources and other elements, but just in time to perform the desired action.
Evil Car: Zombie ApocalypseEvil Car: Zombie Apocalypse - racing arcade with a low-polygon graphics and a simple, user-friendly controls. The setting is selected classic - survival on wheels under zombiapokalipsisa. The game is ideal to enjoy your free time without having to worry about anything.
Hollywood BillionaireHollywood Billionaire - straight from the tin clicker by Tapps Games in virtually the same vein as their previous «masterpiece» Vlogger Go Viral. Only now, we will accelerate the process tapami filming different movies, thereby conquer the peaks of glory. Cute graphics and high duration of the game certainly easily absorb all the free time.

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