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Pixel Z Sniper - Last HunterPixel Z Sniper - Last Hunter - a new game events that develop in the popular universe survived zombiapokalipsis. Typical Kubo-pixel graphics remain in place, but the camera has moved and now we look at the cadavers in the first person. It will get even better, sniper scope allows for headshots, one after another.
 Red Baron: War of Planes Red Baron: War of Planes - simulator fighter of World War II. Superb graphics and scrupulous to detail literally transports gamers into the sky above the battlefields of the time. Engage in fierce air battles, develop new models of equipment, perform a variety of missions and enjoy views of the flaming enemy planes.
 The Great Martian War

The Great Martian War - runner in which you are a fearless scout in 1913, which is necessary to save the Earth from invading Martians! Try the huge battlefields, where you have to avoid hidden mines, thunderous artillery strikes, massive tanks and towering Martian war machines!

 Pacific Fleet Pacific Fleet - excellent strategy game and a naval battle in the full three-dimensional graph, with fascinating details of attacks and combat with a unique combination of deep strategic planning in conjunction with fast tactical decisions. The game provides an opportunity to participate in the Second World War, and to appreciate the severity of this great historical event.
 Defense zone - Original

Defense zone - Original - This version is the first version of «Defense zone», as it was before the advent of options HellFire (temporary increase in power tools) and the migration balance levels of the game. Enjoy the increased complexity of all 10 levels for free and without advertising, and experience for yourself the essence of the original hardcore uncompromising project ideas «Defense zone»!

 Plane Wars

Plane Wars - is a strategy game tower, but it is not a game of Tower Defense. Plane Wars - like any smartest player. It is a strategy, action and hardcore. Success aviation battle depends not only on the characteristics of your aircraft, but also on you, on your agility, flexibility of your mind.

 Battle Towers

Battle Towers (Battle Tower) - Fragile world faces eternal confrontation between the two races: Order and Chaos. Every day - it's a battle for survival and the struggle for victory. Two people who once lived in harmony, are in a situation where a truce can not be considered.


WAR OF TANKS - create your own tank battalion and crush your opponents! Equip their tanks with the latest technology, manage crews and hone tactics to defeat the enemy and win the war tanks!

 Operation Morning Glory

Operation Morning Glory - aircraft simulator, in which you pilot of the Indian Air Force fighter. The terrorists were able to steal a nuclear weapon from a military base and can now use it at any time. You have been assigned to find the rebel camp and destroy the threat. Hurry up, the bill goes to the minutes. In case of your failure is imminent disaster.

 Empire: Four Kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms - get ready for battle! Build strength that will endure forever, exciting outposts and create a flourishing economy. Send it to transform their armies locks enemy players in ruins. Build a powerful empire and compete with thousands of players.

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