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Lara Croft: Relic RunLara Croft: Relic Run - one of the few games of the outputs on mobile platforms that they have had a legendary series did not spoil the impression. Lara Croft is back in business, this time in the genre runner, she will visit different parts of the globe and find a well protected mythical relics hidden from prying eyes.
 Temple Dash Temple Dash - an exciting horizontal runner about fleeing from the brutal death of adventure. Overcoming obstacles and accurately calculates the jump point, because every fraction of a second counts. Beware of wild boars, and failures of boiling lava. Beautiful graphics and very complex, unforgiving gameplay appeal to all fans of the genre.
Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash - runner from SEGA about the famous hedgehog for Android mobile phones and tablets. Waiting for you crazy speed, various obstacles and colorful levels. You go around obstacles, collect coins, get over ability and destroy everything in its path.

 Spider-Man Unlimited (Ultimate Spider-Man) Spider-Man Unlimited (Ultimate Spider-Man) - help Spider-Man to save our world from the sinister six. Legendary villains want to destroy our universe. Fight with the wicked, and do not let them bring the twins through the portals. Encourage heroes spiders from other dimensions. Assemble a team of heroes from different spiders, each of them has unique abilities. Swing on the web, climb walls, jump across rooftops and run through the streets of New York.
 Greedy Dwarf

Greedy Dwarf Free - You will play a very greedy gnome. Our hero is a very risky prospector - he easily stole gold from the Cyclops, snatched a gold tooth in Cthulhu, and it all a little. In search of treasure he would try to steal a chest full of gold from the dragon.

 Smash Hit

Smash Hit - great arcade game for those who want to relax! Metal balls shoot down everything in its path, paving his way to another dimension.

 Wheel Rush Free

Bored of the same type of cartoon runners? Want something new? How about an infinitely fast drive on highway space? Speed ​​limit - it's not about Wheel Rush Free. Test your reactions strength, driving round the obstacles in the vast universe. Collect bonuses and coins, flush your monocycle and become the fastest rider of the galaxy!

 The Great Martian War

The Great Martian War - runner in which you are a fearless scout in 1913, which is necessary to save the Earth from invading Martians! Try the huge battlefields, where you have to avoid hidden mines, thunderous artillery strikes, massive tanks and towering Martian war machines!

 Dungeon Highway

Dungeon Highway - is a fantasy 8-bit runner with elements of "dismemberment". The game is done in a retro style, and offers players race around the various creatures filled dungeons. It is important not to meet face obstacles just shoot fireballs your blood thirsty monsters.


DIE HARD - You son of the most famous cop in New York, John MacLane, Jack McLain,'ll fight with the bandits, commandos and dirty politicians. You need to save the world from nuclear disaster.

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