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Darkness SurvivalDarkness Survival - role-playing project with isometric camera and classic gameplay mechanics in which the main character travels through the winding maze of relying only on their own strength, care, attentiveness and ability to prioritize. And he needs to try hard to survive and fulfill its mission.
Legendary WarriorLegendary Warrior - the main action, and the only difference is from a variety of similar games in the beautiful graphics and very smooth animation. The only thing that saves it from complete oblivion and he can enjoy the many, who are not yet tired of the same type of projects and willing to spend the time to rescue one of the worlds from destruction.
Heroes CurseHeroes Curse - epic RPG which will delight all fans of this genre on mobile devices. More positive impression creates a very beautiful (and demanding) graphics, but the gameplay is nothing extraordinary will not be able to impress - all within the boundaries of the standard mechanics. But in this arrangement, the game leaves only the best of association.
Quantum CatsQuantum Cats - straight from the tin clone cult of evil birds, but cats in the title role. Nice graphics, the now classic gameplay, boxes full of cute kittens will please all who are tired of the bright and pompous birds. While the project has small number of missions, but let's hope for a speedy development of the game, both qualitatively and sizes.
The Flying Sun Adventure GameThe Flying Sun Adventure Game - unusual arcade game in which you will again have to return to the place of the sun. Stylish graphic design redeems all unpretentious gameplay ideas. A simple operation will easily spend your free time, and along with fun entertainment. Save homeworld and revive dormant planet.
The Path To Luma
The Path To Luma belongs to the cohort of games that must be passed by each gamer. Because apart from the fun of the gameplay they will receive more extensive positive emotions and impressions after the final. An unusual approach to mechanics, seemingly simple but tricky puzzles and original graphics make this project different from others.
Crazy ShooterCrazy Shooter - 2D shooter made ​​in retro-style pixel graphics. The spirit of old school with a distinctive gameplay will please gamers of the old school. Simple operation, a variety of weapons, dangerous enemies, the possibility of character development, and non-stop action will fascinate anyone who missed the exciting games.
Agents A.N.K.L. Mission BerlinAgents A.N.K.L.Mission Berlin - a game released in anticipation of the new self-titled film by Guy Ritchie. And a third person shooter with an emphasis on stealth passage. Beautiful graphics, a little "gentle" management, a great city filled with a variety of missions, various types of weapons and the intricate storyline will please all fans of high-quality projects.
Rise of Zombie
Rise of Zombie - clearly show how hard it alone against hordes of zombies trying to get to the defenseless and unsuspecting citizens. The gameplay is a little reminiscent of Plants vs Zombies, nice graphics and a variety of weapons will love all fans of mass destruction of the walking dead.
 Animal Force: Final Battle Animal Force: Final Battle - another about cats, but this time - a third-person shooter. Save the world from a terrorist threat from radical animal variety. Evil does not sleep and you have to spend several operations to neutralize the enemy. As a real special agent, you do it alone.

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