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Eve Special ForcesEve Special Forces - shooter in the style of "Zaruba them all" with nice graphics and dynamic gameplay. Despite the extreme worn out mechanics he nevertheless touches and allows for free time fun. A development of the system and challenging bosses will delight all who love these games.
Alien PathAlien Path - an interesting and addictive puzzle game with dynamic gameplay, nice graphics and fiercely ruthless or given. That there is only the power consumption to run level. In stock only four units, then wait for a certain time, or do you know what to do. Unfortunately, this approach is ruining the entire game on the vine.
Destroy Gunners SigmaDestroy Gunners Sigma - third-person shooter in the setting of a distant and bleak future in which the remnants of humanity wage war for survival against a huge army of robots created by people themselves. Battle Mechs hung with weapons, desert landscapes and exciting battles await all who dare to become a pilot and challenge the enemy.
Tower ConquestTower Conquest - a strategy with horizontal scrolling, nice graphics and the possibility of the PvP, which increases the replayability usual standard and in fact the game. Gamers are waiting for fights and battles from the category of who is steeper zadonatil and all other delights of this genre. For introverts have offline mode with bots and storyline.
Aircraft EvolutionAircraft Evolution - unpretentious air arcade with very long gameplay, well, unless of course the gamers will not bother a bit to be worked out of the system. Due to the evolution of her aeronautic machines will be very slow, it will scare off those who want the dynamics and speed during your game.
Trench AssaultTrench Assault - an addictive 2D pixel strategy with horizontal scrolling. Ideas and mechanics almost completely copies the Trenches of War. And if there was armored and air support, here players will operate only infantry units. Although this project is not how much lost.
Sniper Time 2: MissionsSniper Time 2: Missions - sniper shooter from the company Pipetka Games, that in itself is interesting. The first part of the main character was trained tricks sniper case in a secret military camp. This allowed him to get all the necessary knowledge and skills. Now, the school behind it waiting for the real combat missions.
Drone Air Assault 2Drone 2 Air Assault - a continuation of the popular action in which gamers in the role of a gunner gun mounts are installed on a variety of aircraft fighting the enemy from a safe distance. Since then much water has flowed, and now the whole planet is immersed in a global confrontation between two warring camps.
Dustoff Heli Rescue 2Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 - sequel to the popular arcade helicopter with voxel graphics and fun gameplay coupled with a convenient and simple management rotorcraft. New locations, capabilities, equipment, weapons, jobs, and other features will please not only the first part of the fans, but those who are only familiar with the cockpit.
Enigma Point & Click AdventureEnigma Point Click Adventure - an interesting 2D adventure with beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, numerous puzzles and hilarious ways to solve them. Adventures of the main character for a long time to capture all without exception, and make you feel like the role of skilful, but a little unlucky spy during the Second World War.

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