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Space Farmer TomSpace Farmer Tom - simulator with a "clicker" elements and pixel graphics. Events are developing in the future when humanity has reached incredible heights in science and technology, vigorously explores the cosmos, has won all diseases and practically invented immortality, only with all that it has not been able to provide themselves with food.
DubspaceDubspace - hilarious shooter with high complexity, retro graphics and a variety of dissolved madness on the screen. We will help the main character to redeem from captivity of his friends and comrades, collecting valuable information from a variety of space stations abandoned for one reason or another.
Idle Space - Endless ClickerIdle Space - Endless Clicker - a very original and quite endless clicker where the classic gameplay "zatapay all" mixed with old school arcade futuristic shooter with a vertical scrolling. The mixture is to be not only interesting, but also very beautiful, which adds to the positive experience of the process.
BFG: Leviathan - FreeBFG: Leviathan - Free - is a free, evaluation version of Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan. The project contains a strongly curtailed the possibility of not giving fully enjoy the game, but it allows you to properly set up a full view and then decide whether to buy the full version or not. World of Warhammer 40,000 is waiting for all the brave people.
Doom Warriors - Tap crawlerDoom Warriors - Tap crawler - chic with elements of role-playing project clicker, the creators of which is clearly inspired in the cult shooter DOOM. Almost all the basic elements are present here, and sometimes even some of the original findings. In general, the game was very interesting and exciting despite the visual simplicity.
Mad MagicMad Magic - casual 2D design with vertical scrolling and the setting in about space issues. Old school gameplay, characteristic graphics, pleasant, but quickly tired of the soundtrack, a variety of different starships (the most original and different "models"), as well as an endless mode will appeal to all lovers of retro games.
Galactic Xpress!Galactic Xpress -! Good, sometimes very interesting and original representative cohort of "simulators tapa". Developers understand that with the mechanics of gameplay, just a sea of ​​maritime projects, tried to bring him something new, unusual and exciting. Did this, players will be able to test yourself.
My ColonyMy Colony - a dash of strategy simulator with an isometric camera and the fun gameplay about the development of the colony on a distant planet. Simple graphics completely begs the dignity of the game and only makes it more pleasant in perception. The creative process is like all who are tired of endless fuss and urgent cases.
Agent AliensAgent Aliens - 2D action-platformer with nice graphics and dynamic gameplay. We are in the role of an alien will arrange an escape from a well guarded prison. Some forces are regularly delivered here captured aliens from different worlds, which contain in appalling conditions. The desire for freedom is inherent not only earthlings, and therefore it is time to seek a way out.
AnkoraAnkora - an exciting adventure game with superb graphics, addictive gameplay, and other nice features make this project a memorable and interesting. It is not entirely original, but qualitatively researched "angular-square" world, a huge space and the possibility of a long tightened players on a journey through uncharted planet.

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