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A Fairy Tale of LotusA Fairy Tale of Lotus - a very beautiful and original puzzle game with an unusual graphic style in the spirit of Asian calligraphy, as well as six dozen levels for the passage of which will need to think carefully. Each of them has several ways to try to find the fastest and best.
Doom Warriors - Tap crawlerDoom Warriors - Tap crawler - chic with elements of role-playing project clicker, the creators of which is clearly inspired in the cult shooter DOOM. Almost all the basic elements are present here, and sometimes even some of the original findings. In general, the game was very interesting and exciting despite the visual simplicity.
hocus.hocus. - Elegant puzzle allows gamers from among those who have always been partial to optical illusions, deceptions, and the combination of Escher's drawings of it all in geometric figures, to plunge into a series of multiple levels with increasing difficulty and test the capabilities of its volumetric perception of the world.
Cubie AdventureCubie Adventure - this is a great adventure cute creatures angular prefer clean lines and a lot of faces. Yes, and they live on floating islands built from cubes. The project has beautiful graphics, lots of levels, and gradually increasingly complex gameplay that will require us good speed and quickness of action.
Hop SwapHop Swap - new arcade game from Nitrome - developers known for their unusual project with a minimalist graphic style and high complexity of the gameplay. In the best tradition, we will once again test their agility, quickness, ability to quickly and correctly plan of action, as well as the fortress of his nerves.
You Shall Not JumpYou Shall Not Jump - not the usual arcade game creators that people certainly with a good sense of humor. Simple gameplay mechanics and graphics redeemed funny comments, the original design and high complexity that would be a big plus for anyone who wants to test their skills and skill gamer.
Sir Dash A LootSir Dash A Loot - cute in his old school 2D arcade game with an endless gameplay on survival and generated locations. Featuring a retro graphics and sound, high complexity, simple operation and a medieval setting will allow to spend your free time fun and easy.
Slip SlopSlip Slop - nice arcade game of survival in which we need from a good care, speed and above all the correct actions when navigating the obstacle course constructed between the protagonist and those whom he must save from the treacherous traps and the labyrinth stuffed with numerous traps.
High RisersHigh Risers - a new addictive and time devouring arcade game from the creators of such visually simple but incredibly spanning games like Bean Dreams, Time Surfer, Duet and others. As before, we are waiting for control in one tap, designed for attentiveness and speed of decision-making gameplay and a pretty picture.
Move a LotMove a Lot - an addictive puzzle game with a familiar mechanics of moving hexagonal tiles, beautiful graphics and gameplay rather complex, where the speed and attention are important features to get all three stars. Help the inhabitants of the Netherlands have time to clean up the mess in agriculture and in other areas until the end of the year.

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