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Hey Thats My Cheese!Hey Thats My Cheese -! A hilarious arcade game on speed and reaction in which we will go all out to fight for the last piece of cheese. It is small and very tiny, it will suffice except for a couple of bites. But numerous, lovely but very hungry mouse against our monopoly on this delicious product and therefore go on the attack.
Snail BattlesSnail Battles - a time-killer really able to captivate gamers for a long time. Events unfold in a very technologically advanced medieval or post-apocalyptic world where mutations ultramodern weapons and monsters coexist with general backwardness in other aspects of civilization. Assemble the crew combat snails and go to battle with the enemy.
Kiziland - tapa simulator for mobile platforms. Grab the entire planet using the rapid evolution of your wards. Mix and match, collect coins, buy new types and gradually distributed throughout the world. Beautiful graphics, cute characters, funny and diverse classes of aliens successfully spend your free time.
Zombie HiveZombie Hive - one of the best time-killer with a strategic bias. Lead operation to sweep the secret research complex bio-weapons and ensure the safety of its staff. Depth to 1000 levels will require you full control over the situation, because the slightest blemish, and hordes of monsters and swept away your soldiers will rise to the surface.
 Grandpa's Table Demo

Grandpa's Table Demo - you have to restore the memories of his grandfather, collecting life story literally bit by bit. To do this, you need to play the game, which hides an ancient table. You need to turn the ancient magical stones, to the memory of those times come back to you.


Millie - an addictive arcade puzzle game where you have to go through many levels, that would help fulfill the cherished desire of centipedes, who dreams of becoming a pilot. Help her go through difficult and dangerous journey to realize the dream!


BRICKS BREAKER - FRIENDS - is a fun game and a great time-killer, a vivid example of the classic Arkanoid game with colorful graphics, characters, bonuses and different levels.


RE-VOLT 2: MULTIPLAYER - in this part of the game, users can compete with real players, where the funds come from toy racing radio-controlled cars. During races on the track are scattered power-ups like rockets, water balloons and a bomb that will slow down opponents. The game can be simultaneously from several real players. The game offers multiple levels and multiple game modes.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia

Evolution: Battle for Utopia (Evolution: Battle of Utopia) - a strategy with elements of RPG and action at the same time. You are the founder of the expedition to colonize a new planet, which was one of the most dangerous in the galaxy. You have to build and develop the base, improve the units, while annoying to repel the attacks of monsters, ranging from conventional bugs to huge humanoid monsters that inhabit this planet.

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering (Juggernaut: Revenge Soveringa) - is a fascinating role-playing game, with colorful and vivid battles. Aim at the enemy the power of deadly spells, attack overwhelms its combo attacks, use of tricks, use magical elixirs.

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