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Isometric WarsIsometric Wars - interesting, complex, with a bit of humor tactical game with elements of RPG and fighting in real time. Good graphics, the ability to set the camera position and extensive variability for setting up units will delight all fans of unusual but exciting projects.
TelloyTelloy - this is a new arcade of 111% which is like all their other projects is very simple gameplay and visual component and all as original and stylish in their content and execution. Use the laws of physics, think over moves and accurately submit their arrows at a target charged from the magic bow.
Rogue Buddies - Action Bros!Rogue Buddies - Action Bros! - Chic on the dynamics and fun gameplay action game with classical mechanics 2D horizontal shooter. We are assigned the role of the four noble mercenaries with talking callsigns Maximus, Smoke, The Alpha Tech and Duster. They were just sitting in the middle of the jungle, drinking beer, roasted meat, when the local villain decided to start trouble.
Doom Warriors - Tap crawlerDoom Warriors - Tap crawler - chic with elements of role-playing project clicker, the creators of which is clearly inspired in the cult shooter DOOM. Almost all the basic elements are present here, and sometimes even some of the original findings. In general, the game was very interesting and exciting despite the visual simplicity.
Stickman Sniper Squad 2017Stickman Sniper Squad 2017 - another creation of Awesome Action Games, a bunch of people who ponadelali about snipers games and so still can not stop. So this project not only tells the story of a character who prefers to work remotely, but also about the fact that he stikman - is another supply designers proud.
Ginger Rangers The game takes place Ginger Rangers in the Wild West with all the classic features of the period - the desert, revolvers, a lot of alcohol, dangerous neighborhood, horses, plank houses, dusty little town and everything else except koe-chego unusual - a winged, spherical monsters preferring to chelovechenku his diet.
Shades - Combat MilitiaShades - Combat Militia - which is in beta test network action with the camera on top. Yes, the same despite the incompleteness of the project and is there no flaws with tuned balance and technical problems, the game now is a very good shooter in which everyone can have fun online or fighting against bots.
SUPER Toss The TurtleSuper Toss The Turtle - is a port on the mobile platforms popular Web Toy Toss the Turtle. The transfer has all the advantages of the original, the new opportunities, achievements and even more black humor and bloody. The only problem appeared - it is not quite easy management. Results with a manipulator-type "mouse" can not reach the tap.
Gun StriderGun Strider - nice arcade game in which gamers need a good reaction to the rapidly changing situation, care to notice the slightest particular, as well as the nimble fingers for maximum operational Tapani on emerging targets. It begins the battle against the tyrants of the future.
Clash of Zombie: Dead FightClash of Zombie: Dead Fight - zombie shooter with a camera located above the head of the protagonist. The game is a zaboristye rubilovo where you can not stop and rest immediately nabegut cadavers and skharchat character for a sweet soul. It is necessary to move and always have two ways out of the room to escape to the complete environment in a dangerous situation.

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