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Siege RaidSiege Raid - a strategy designed primarily for PvP battles with other players. The game is very similar to the popular Clash Royale, but only with some changes in the mechanics and the overall concept. But fans of the genre it is strongly recommended to pay attention to this project, if they want to diversify their leisure time duels with rivals.
Fairytale TracerFairytale Tracer - sweet and kind puzzle game from indie developer with classical mechanics and a very nice graphics with a pleasant style. We find ourselves in a world of animated fairytales from the book will need to find a way to the normal world. But what is the normal world, where the main character will be very unusual, but likeable character.
Keep CraftKeep Craft - a very interesting and unhurried simulator in which we are going to build their own country from ancient times to the present day. Beautiful and stylish graphics, high duration of the game and a variety of features will appeal to all who do not like natapyvat resources and other elements, but just in time to perform the desired action.
Hollywood BillionaireHollywood Billionaire - straight from the tin clicker by Tapps Games in virtually the same vein as their previous «masterpiece» Vlogger Go Viral. Only now, we will accelerate the process tapami filming different movies, thereby conquer the peaks of glory. Cute graphics and high duration of the game certainly easily absorb all the free time.
The Mighty Quest for Epic LootThe Mighty Quest for Epic Loot - role-playing project from Ubisoft Entertainment in which gamers will find beautiful graphics, epic, but quickly tired of the soundtrack, gameplay mechanics in a style Hack'n Slash, high duration of the game, easy management, and more, but they will not find so this program originality.
Fluffy JumpFluffy Jump - a new and exciting arcade game from Noodlecake Studios, creators of the Alto's Adventure and heaps of other exciting games. By tradition, we will see the beautiful graphics, simple and addictive gameplay, as well as a large variety of living creatures, which you can play (as there are kinds of secret among them).
Beat RacerBeat Racer - cool music racing arcade with superb graphics in the neon style and futuristic design locations. Gamers will have to overcome a lot of tracks, roads full of thorns, and thus avoid the terrible mechanism chasing the car of the protagonist.
Pocket PlantsPocket Plants - another great project from Kongregate which originally connected the different styles and directions received as a result of a very interesting and unusual gameplay. Well and beautiful graphics, high duration of the process, and a good variety of humor only supplement the treasury of positive impressions.
Recipes Passion: Sweet TreatsRecipes Passion: Sweet Treats - puzzle game with classic gameplay mechanics. But this game stands out from all of its many neighbors by genre and appeal to many players who love to create combos. Beautiful graphics and a virtually endless process will carry away for a long time who want to have a good time off.
AlphaBetty SagaAlphaBetty Saga - addictive word game and at the same time, "three in a row" from the King - the creators of such popular projects as the Bubble Witch Saga, Candy Crush Saga, and heaps of other games where the artist often flashed the word Saga. Beautiful graphics, a huge amount of levels and a serious training effect like players of all ages.

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