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Jungle Adventure Story 2Jungle Adventure Story 2 - classic platformer in the best traditions of the genre in which gamers will find themselves in a world full of adventure, dangerous opponents, exciting trips, incredible mysteries and everything else that accompanies such projects, and of course, excellent gameplay mechanics waiting for all fans.
CLICKPOCALYPSE IICLICKPOCALYPSE II - "bagel" pure water "bagel" to create the most simple and authentic. The project is uniquely suitable for all who desire to plunge into the hardcore and old school. Gather your own team, a huge space, easy (say, one of the most simple) control and simple gameplay entice any lover of antiquity.
OceanhornOceanhorn - beautiful and exciting role-playing project, which finally got to the Android-well. Beautiful graphics and a consistently high FPS but also on the weak and far from new devaysakh will please everyone. A full storyline full of adventure, puzzles and combat makes this game for a mandatory review.
Picross SurvivalPicross Survival - unusually decorated puzzle game in which we will save the main character, to get him out various alterations, problems, disasters, and other things that might collect on the way unlucky adventurer. At the same time, we will not make public any physical movement, and we set about to use the power of your mind.
MagiMobile - Mighty Magiswords
MagiMobile - Mighty Magiswords - a new entertaining adventure project from Cartoon Network created based on the freshest of the animated series (well, 2016) in which we join the inseparable couple of the main characters and will be able to more fully reveal the possibilities of this universe that really please all fans of the original product .
CATTCHCATTCH - new platformer from Darklings creators. Developers have abandoned their usual gloomy mood and left the last black-and-gray palette of their games. Now we have an excellent adventure project remotely resembling Reymena, bright, bright colors and original design of the characters and levels. A lot of positive impressions provided.
LightomaniaLightomania - chic puzzle with nice graphics and gameplay mechanics reminiscent of the adventures of the legendary Am Nyama. Similar cute characters, well-designed locations, ridiculous situations and other features do not cause any resentment from some of plagiarism, and allow you to completely dive into the adventure of our heroes.
Goo SagaGoo Saga - fresh, exciting, action-adventure platformer with beautiful graphics and design locations. The game is sure to appeal to those who are still crazy about Fluffy Leo and all the other high-quality and beautiful designs. The main character will have to escape from the underwater laboratory, and to find their own "I".
Sky ChasersSky Chasers - excellent adventure pixel art toy, which is one of the few really can become a pet project for gamers hungry for stylish, exciting, interesting, constantly developing and hardcore entertainment. Simple controls and checkpoints system doing a favor for those who are unaccustomed to serious difficulty.
Space Expedition By the beginning of 2054 in the orbit of the planet code-named "Spectrum" was built space station "Soyuz-1". Its purpose was to serve as a base for experiments, transit point and a place of permanent deployment of scientific personnel necessary to complete the research work on the surface.

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