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Idle SwordIdle Sword - pixel perfect "bagel" at the junction of genres. Here and action RPG and simulation, and even tapas there. Simple controls and intuitive gameplay will help to immediately begin the uncertain task, and it is possible or not. And the thing someone's revenge. Anyway adventure as opponents will simply sea.
 Wraithborne Wraithborne - slasher with RPG elements in an unusual post-apocalyptic world. Puffed up by their achievements, opportunities, scientific discoveries, mankind could not give the slightest resistance suddenly had returned to the world of magic. The era of technological progress has sunk into oblivion, and among the survivors only legends and stories about past times.
 Saga of Elyunah Saga of Elyunah - a massive online role-playing game from the famous studio GAMEVIL, which released recently ruler like "rolevok" who enjoy an enviable popularity among gamers. The new project differs from its predecessors in the first place in its scale, at your disposal will be a world called Astoria.
 Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - beautiful, original and very unusual game created by the world, which in turn created the Joe Dever - eminent writer, designer and a talented person. The project was completed with unrivaled features graphic style and simply mesmerizing music. But the plot will have to write yourself.
 Elements: Epic heroes An ancient evil has returned to this world, the Dark Lord is the conquest of a huge army of monsters. Miraculously survived after a meeting with the avant-garde heroes decide to become a bone in the throat of the invaders and begin to fight against the enemy. A huge map, different characters, plenty of game options, all this awaits gamers in RPG Elements: Epic heroes.
 DirtyDices DirtyDices - non-standard role-playing game simulating the classic board game where everything is determined by roll of the dice. Wonderful hand-drawn graphics, addictive gameplay, familiar setting journey lone hero and all, in a surprisingly fresh design. So not the usual project - a rarity and unexpected discovery for all languishing at a truly worthwhile games.
Evolution: Battle for Utopia

Evolution: Battle for Utopia (Evolution: Battle of Utopia) - a strategy with elements of RPG and action at the same time. You are the founder of the expedition to colonize a new planet, which was one of the most dangerous in the galaxy. You have to build and develop the base, improve the units, while annoying to repel the attacks of monsters, ranging from conventional bugs to huge humanoid monsters that inhabit this planet.

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering (Juggernaut: Revenge Soveringa) - is a fascinating role-playing game, with colorful and vivid battles. Aim at the enemy the power of deadly spells, attack overwhelms its combo attacks, use of tricks, use magical elixirs.

 Devils & Demons In the lands of the world Dezoly opened a portal to another dimension, from which flowed an endless stream of monsters and demons of all kinds. Strong resistance they were able to provide only the war of the Order of Light. Human army began the great battle that was just a red herring. A small detachment penetrated into the heart of the enemy and destroyed the entrance to the underworld.
 THE SOUL Dark magician Zhang Jiao escaped from his many years of prison. All these years he had plans for revenge, and now the shadow of a terrible disaster hangs over China. But for every villain finds a brave hero, who in spite of the difficulties and dangers will go to fight against evil and his minions.

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