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Nonstop WarriorNonstop Warrior - classic runner without endless mode and with some unusual finds in the gameplay. Seriously it's the gameplay is not affected, but the bit of originality in crocked obscene genre still brings. A beautiful graphics adds a positive impression of the game.
Angelo - Skate AwayAngelo - Skate Away - a new adventure restless hero of one of the popular animated series. Safely understood with a bunch of cases and problems in the game Angelo Rules, the character went with his friends to ride on city streets sketbordah. Various prepyatsviya absolutely no obstacle to them and they are ready to show all their skills.
Blades of Brim From the first seconds of acquaintance with the Blades of Brim we notice catchy application development team that they had a hand in the creation of the legendary and still revered by many Subway Surfers. Already immediately after the start of the game it becomes clear that here worked out well and in front of us for a quality product that will not be ashamed "grandparent".
Undead City RunUndead City Run - a new project from Kongregate, the people responsible for a couple of dozen really original and exciting releases. This time they decided to combine the two things hackneyed - a classic runner and the universe with zombiapokalipsisom. And while they have bad happened, and if you remember a couple of interesting findings, fans of the genre may be happy to start playing.
Fast like a FoxFast like a Fox - an excellent runner 2D full of exciting adventures. And the original management adds spice to an already interesting gameplay. Tapping on the back cover creates a minimum fluctuation of the device, and with it the accelerometer. And the more players roll the fingers the faster running our protagonist.
LynxmanLynxman - the perfect assassin is strictly metered spare time. Simple controls, nice graphics, simple gameplay and some other positive aspects can help you to avoid boring and repetitive of a wait. But after the task Lynxman automatically erased from your memory about him, you would never think of.
 CrazyFist II - Great War CrazyFist II - Great War - runner with elements of action and RPG. The plot refers to mythology and ancient legends mixed with fantasy inserts. Different heroes have to go to an exciting chase through the kingdom of the dead for the death incarnate and caught up with her, with all possible force to teach her for any transgressions. Epic sweep and beautiful graphics are present.
 Go! Go! Go!: Racer Go! Go! Go!: Racer - racing runner with excellent graphics made ​​with the SEL-shader animation. Driving, dynamic gameplay, a huge fleet of vehicles, various in-game features and races against real opponents make this game one of the best in its genre segment.
Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash - runner from SEGA about the famous hedgehog for Android mobile phones and tablets. Waiting for you crazy speed, various obstacles and colorful levels. You go around obstacles, collect coins, get over ability and destroy everything in its path.

 Spider-Man Unlimited (Ultimate Spider-Man) Spider-Man Unlimited (Ultimate Spider-Man) - help Spider-Man to save our world from the sinister six. Legendary villains want to destroy our universe. Fight with the wicked, and do not let them bring the twins through the portals. Encourage heroes spiders from other dimensions. Assemble a team of heroes from different spiders, each of them has unique abilities. Swing on the web, climb walls, jump across rooftops and run through the streets of New York.

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