In this section you can download the game Fighting for android. Any android game can be incorporated into several sections and have a few features. Under Fighting, as well as throughout the site, you can play all the android free.

One Tap Duels The One Tap Duels we will participate in the ruthless competition. Here, any mistake is death, as the enemy does not make any concessions to those who do not know his tactics. Pixel blood will fill the earth, and severed limbs and body will only scenery for the next battle in a series of endless duels.
Bushido SagaBushido Saga - beautiful shooter about a medieval Japan with elements of fantasy. Nice graphics, easy control during combat and long duration of gameplay for a long time entice all fans of the samurai and the rising sun. Perform your duty to honor and defend their overlord.
Ninja fightNinja fight - a beautiful and researched enough action to be able to appeal to all, even to those who are already tired of the projects in this genre. Nice graphics, enemy dismemberment system, a variety of skills and techniques, and a variety of dangerous enemies, and much more is waiting for all the players who decided to perform an important mission.
HERO-X: ZOMBIES!HERO-X: ZOMBIES! - A new shooter on the NAO-MIC in their original, or rather, in a classic retro style of old slot machines. Old-school graphics, characteristic sound, as well as the addictive gameplay will delight all missed childhood. We throw a coin! Adventure and huge bosses are waiting for us!
FisticuffsFisticuffs - a fighting game in which we will go to the good old days when Mother England was still mistress of the seas, a man with a young age grew their mustaches, and boxing was simply the official replacement for conventional fisticuffs. Prior fact sporting event is still far, but the gloves are already available to particularly zealous opponents do not beat your opponent to death.
Bushido Bear One day, a young and inexperienced bear the following Code of Bushido was walking through the woods and got lost. In his wanderings he came across an unusual clearing, which, as it turned out, is a sacred place of concentration of forces. Understandably, an endless source of energy want to lay hands various shady characters. But the hero arrived just in time.
World Of BladeWorld Of Blade - action from the category of "chop them all." Enemies will attack from two sides (and sometimes jump on top), and we have to kill them in time tapaya of a button. Part of the whole gameplay reminiscent of the cult of "electronic" Wolf of "Well, wait a minute!", But with a liter of blood and mountains of dead bodies. A nice graphics only adds positive emotions.
Fighting ManFighting Man - a simple visual action pro fighters martial arts. Despite this fighting game in front of us deserves the attention of those who want to have fun without losing precious seconds on a completely unnecessary aspects. Gamers waiting for a fight, fight and fight again. Well, the epic story with a touch of mysticism traditionally present.
Random FightersRandom Fighters - Fighting mixed with puzzles and mini-games. Immerse yourself in the world of fighting without rules, illegal contests, sweepstakes and gambling audience wants to see your death. Beat, create combos, place blocks and conduct counter. Select a fighter to his liking and become a legend among equals you.
SPL2 At first glance, it is clear that SPL2 fighting game belongs to the genre, but more correctly this project can be called interactive Hong Kong action movie. All the signs on the face - a classic for this movie plot, the scene of many fights, friendship, betrayal, and of course the mega-nasty villain. Well, beautiful graphics, and a variety of opportunities also add positive emotions.

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