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Sim HospitalSim Hospital - role-playing project in which we will take on the responsibility for the tiny hospital management. More precisely the fact that it will in the future. Well then you need to be long and hard work to turn it into an advanced medical center with world-renowned physicians and nuggets have passed their best training in different parts of the world.
City builder 2016 Bus StationCity builder 2016 Bus Station - one of the many projects clones the well-known simulator settings. Developers do not even too lazy to copy the font and style of writing of the game, which shows a "painstaking" work on his brainchild. But, seriously, it eventually turned out not so bad, and sometimes even good.
Crafty MountainCrafty Mountain - absolutely crazy game that just that attractive. Prescribe a "normal" plot indigestible and get the result, and so heavy, "the demolition of the roof" completely incomprehensible and gameplay mechanics will appeal to all who are tired of repetitive projects with predictable incredibly filling.
Lunar Battle
Lunar Battle - a new strategy on mobile devices by Atari and very talented developers. Players will colonize a distant planet from his native world and make it a good base in the research and development of this sector. Cute graphics and a huge opportunity to build and grow like all fans of the genre.
Block Craft 3D: Building GameBlock Craft 3D: Building Game - probably one of the best among all the projects that emerged after the triumphal march across the planet Maykrafta. Unlike the dozens of others, this game uses only the basic features of its progenitor, and invites us to express their creativity to the maximum extent and with a minimum of restrictions.
Doomsday PreppersDoomsday Preppers - a strategy based on the eponymous TV show on National Geographic Channel about survivalist preparing for the end of the world (in their opinion, the phenomenon that has to happen very soon). They live in the forest will not, and in an average suburb, where the use of modern technology will lead reclusive.
Century CityCentury City sends gamers into the world with a cute voxel graphics, gameplay mechanics such as "Gradostroy" mixed with the classic "simulator tapa". Despite the extremely worn-out structure of the developers are trying to distance his creation of a blunt monotone naklikivaniya and money to the city treasury.
Train Conductor WorldTrain Conductor World - a vivid example of the fact that the arcade is not required to be in 2D or treat any classical style and bored. Beautiful graphics, beautiful animation and a simple, but incredibly addictive gameplay mechanics of the original. We turn into a railway conductors and will be a wave of your finger to change the direction of the locomotive.
Build Away! - Idle City BuilderBuild Away!- Idle City Builder - one more representative of the new generation simulators tapas combining genre of urban planning. Developers came up with a mind to the mechanics of the process and implemented a number of interesting ideas which significantly improve the fascination and molestation delayed due to repetitive actions in the game.
Tap Tap BuilderTap Tap Builder - a real gift to the fans of HeroCraft. The game mixes the two genres - Gradostroy and "simulator tapa". Now players do not need to wait for the invisible workers build or do something. Power and speed of their hands they will finish any business quickly and in time. This is something rare project in which gamers will make a real effort to.

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