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The Mighty Quest for Epic LootThe Mighty Quest for Epic Loot - role-playing project from Ubisoft Entertainment in which gamers will find beautiful graphics, epic, but quickly tired of the soundtrack, gameplay mechanics in a style Hack'n Slash, high duration of the game, easy management, and more, but they will not find so this program originality.
Bushido SagaBushido Saga - beautiful shooter about a medieval Japan with elements of fantasy. Nice graphics, easy control during combat and long duration of gameplay for a long time entice all fans of the samurai and the rising sun. Perform your duty to honor and defend their overlord.
Tiny Dice DungeonTiny Dice Dungeon - pixel role-playing project "bagel" with a classic storyline and gameplay mechanics in the form of dice rolls from the board game. Fans of retro and unpretentious entertainment always with joy poputeshestvuyut together with the main character on the fantasy world and will seek adventure on his head.
Arcane Quest HDArcane Quest HD - re-release of the cult old school role-playing game with better graphics, the ability to control the camera on several axes, the corrected inaccuracies and of course some modifications in the gameplay. This release is sure to please all fans of the series and those who missed the first part in the time and the sign only with the other.
Combo ClashCombo Clash - pretty standard in its mechanics, and general sense of the scene around the action-RPG. Its distinguishing feature - it's beautiful graphics and high duration of the game. It seems that perhaps not even a single player is not able to fully pass similar role projects. Perhaps this time it will be different.
Soul KnightSoul Knight - a cool shooter with an original story story, addictive gameplay and high-quality execution of ideas. Help the hero to save the team, the whole universe is the actions of some bad personalities finally destroyed worlds. Be brave and assertive, and then you will succeed.
PostknightPostknight - cute role-project with beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay. The action takes place in a fantasy Middle Ages. The protagonist is a young man just got a job in the courier service. And in these lands, even valiant warriors get less for his deeds than these crazy guys.
Blade Of ConquestBlade Of Conquest - class strategic role-playing game in the fantasy world moderately, that is, without demons, the immortal elves and other campaigns with a ring on the end of the world. Immediately it is worth mentioning that you can plunder the caravans, which means the game is, by definition, a real masterpiece. Get the all-powerful king and enslaved their abusers.
Eternium: Mage And MinionsEternium: Mage And Minions - beautiful and very interesting diabloidnaya hack slash role-playing game in which we traditionally will fight the hordes of undead monsters and demons. Good graphics, automatic redirection attacks excludes zaklikivanie eternal enemy, as well as the hope of correcting some misunderstandings will delight all fans of high-quality projects.
Rogue LifeRogue Life - it is a kind of runner divided into missions with elements of RPG, survival and several other genres and styles. The mixture is called from the developers 'crossover', and its concept is quite interesting for all who are tired of the same type of games. Well and beautiful graphics and diverse gameplay complement a positive impression.

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