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Zombie MatchZombie Match - beta-version of the arcade in the style of "three in a row." Hopefully, the developers quickly finish work on it at the same time adding to its variety of interesting finds and original chips. After all, even at this stage of the project it is a fascinating process by which really hard to break away.
Zombie VS Fat ManZombie VS Fat Man - casual toy with minimal elements of time management. Good graphics, a standard zombie story and a place for character development will help to spend your free time fun. It is worth noting that the draft contains characters, but they do not hinder the gameplay, because everything is already all seen more than once.
Zombie WarsZombie Wars - a fairly standard 2D shooter with reuse of gameplay mechanics and the setting jaded zombiapokalipsisa consuming. The project will be a good option to make the most exciting and nenapryagayusche spend free time while waiting for something.
ZomboBusZomboBus - a strategy that can be attributed to the Tower Defense. 2D graphics, familiar to the pain zombiapokalipsisa setting, a long and tedious pumping abilities and more for the fans of the genre love or hate the game of this kind, is present in the project. Assemble a team of desperate men and go on a tour of the destroyed world.
Dead VentureDead Venture - chic racing project in the setting zombiapokalipsisa with nice graphics, fun gameplay, and interesting findings. Help convoy survivors to cross the deserted and extremely dangerous territory populated by the walking dead and get to a safe zone. Along the way, turning ordinary cars into real tanks.
Zombie Age 3Zombie Age 3 - continuation of the popular action about zombiapokalipsis with nice graphics and gameplay have already become almost a classic. Improved picture, new features, updated arsenal, missions, achievements and much more will delight fans of the series, and newcomers enthusiastically take on the destruction of the walking dead.
Zombies vs PiratesZombies vs Pirates - unpretentious arcade game all about the same zombies, but now we have the opportunity to visit their shoes and personally bring the horror of driving a huge horde of frightened men against cadavers. Gameplay simple yet very addictive good, which makes the game ideal option to spend your free time.
Undead City RunUndead City Run - a new project from Kongregate, the people responsible for a couple of dozen really original and exciting releases. This time they decided to combine the two things hackneyed - a classic runner and the universe with zombiapokalipsisom. And while they have bad happened, and if you remember a couple of interesting findings, fans of the genre may be happy to start playing.
StarHunter The game StarHunter develop in the distant future where humanity has long gone beyond the solar system and considers it his new home another planet. Serious leap in medicine and health care has allowed residents to create a drug incredible opportunities. Now, anyone can become virtually immortal. Only there is one but.
Bye Bye ZombiesBye Bye Zombies is built on the same principle as the previous draft of these developers Smash a Terrorist. All gameplay mechanics based on the care, speed and accuracy of decision-making activities. Because of all this will depend on not only the life of the protagonist, but the future of many others in the last remaining refuge.

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