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Diggy's AdventureDiggy's Adventure - an interesting and highly addictive puzzle game that at first may seem boring and monotonous, and certainly not complicated. But over a short introduction and prologue it will be clear that the gameplay is dull Clicking on subjects here is not limited. Go towards incredible discoveries and findings in this wonderful game.
MekoramaMekorama - beautiful, excellent puzzle game from the creator of not less than chic Odd Bot Out. We are waiting for new adventures of the hero, but now he climbs on nature and will move in 3D. To all the positive features and adds that the game is free, and players can decide for themselves to what extent they want to thank the author.
Cube Escape: BirthdayCube Escape: Birthday - the continuation of the series-branch from the main game of the Rusty Lake, specializing in exciting quests. Their action usually takes place in a closed room and we do not have long to find the next puzzle. Elegant puzzle, madness and easy psychedelia, minimalism and original story will appeal to all who miss the classic.
Bonnie & Clyde - puzzleBonnie Clyde - puzzle - an addictive puzzle game for children with a good developmental effect. Observation, logic, the score, the ability to react quickly and make decisions much more savvy and unnoticeably for your child will train. A beautiful graphics, a huge amount of levels and a good story just adds positive emotions from the game.
AlchemixAlchemix - unusual and addictive puzzle game that will make all of your senses and the ability to escalate to the limit. Beautiful graphics, original idea and the presence of a clear plot (which is nevertheless no matter what no effect, but nice) will delight all missed the qualitative and complex projects. Prove to everyone that you are a great alchemist.
KintsukuroiKintsukuroi - the original and very unusual puzzle game about people who have "direct hands." Gamers will need to collect 3D puzzles, namely, to restore the broken pieces of pottery. Beautiful graphics and music created by popular composer Clark Powell will delight all fans of this genre.
Lost Twins - A Surreal PuzzlerLost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler - beautiful and fascinating puzzle hiding under the guise of its long-known logical fun on the movement and combination of room-locations. Convenient control, high-quality design levels and good gameplay is ideal for those wishing to stretch their brains and get as much pleasure.
LazyLinkrLazyLinkr - the original puzzle appearance impersonate a child's game, but the first levels of light ends and begins hell for even the brains of adult gamers. Several modes, beautiful graphics, unusual rules and other nice features make this project a must to review all who consider themselves to be a fan of puzzles.
Snow mobile iceland escapeSnow mobile iceland escape - a simple quest created several days of slow work. The goal here is extremely popular destination in this genre is - escape. In this case you need to leave the unfriendly terrain. Snow-covered locations, bitter cold, solitude and incomprehension of what is happening on the idea should be to create an aura of hopelessness, but no.
 Muzzle Puzzle Muzzle Puzzle - an addictive puzzle game with a long-known to all the terms and conditions, which is suitable for gamers of all ages. Beautiful graphics, kind and lovable characters, a burning story story and a lot of levels of varying difficulty will please people who love to work brains.

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