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Tower defense-Defense legend 2Tower defense-Defense legend 2 - a classic strategy in the style of "The protection of towers" with graphics reminiscent of old-school projects. This fact surely delight all who love the retro game and misses him. In the second part, we will continue to resist the army of enemies and begin a counterattack on the territory seized earlier insidious enemy.
SpellspireSpellspire - addictive word game in which everyone will be able to check your knowledge of words in the English language or in a matter of urgency to begin to teach them at the time as bloodthirsty inhabitants of the tower will attack the hero. Only the speed and the ability to compose longer words will help the character to execute his plan.
Alien Shooter TDAlien Shooter TD - game from Sigma Team, the team that created the well-known cult shooter. Here are just a new project can not many come to mind. After a prefix to the name "TD" - this is nothing, as the "Tower Defense". That means fans will not see the continuation of the epic, and take a look at the same events only from a different angle and a different gameplay mechanics.
Tiny ArchersTiny Archers - fascinating and above all very beautiful game in which gamers will be its accuracy, agility, and quickness. Unfortunately in the project on an ongoing basis is present Donat, which can seriously spoil the impression of the gameplay. Become a conventional guard with onions in a fantasy realm to which the enemy is about to be attacked.
Magic MasterMagic Master - an exciting strategy in which we will see the real battle mages. Specifically, green graduates from the academy, but it is desirable or anyone to tell. Especially won the advancing enemy troops, it is better they are afraid of us as we will clumsily try to practice the knowledge and innate ability.
Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi StrategyToy Defense 4: Sci-Fi Strategy - would be unheard of challenge for any child and his parents love the most plastic soldiers. The strategy in the style of "Protection of the towers", beautiful graphics, huge in-game possibilities for development and improvement, "smart" pause and other pleasant aspects will delight gamers of all masculine.
Despicable DayDespicable Day - difficult to ruthlessness survival game in which you have to try to hold out as long as possible, or rather to live a few seconds longer than if you just throw up their hands and surrendered. Beautiful graphics, hardcore gameplay and unusual story will please all who are tired of standard and similar to each other projects.
 99 Bricks Wizard Academy 99 Bricks Wizard Academy - puzzle game, which in its essence is highly complicated Tetris with beautiful graphics. Funny story underlying reason, slightly modified the classic gameplay, various achievements and achivki, various tasks will delight all those who long for the "smart" and at the same time exciting projects.
 Apple Maniacs Apple Maniacs - a strategy in the genre of "Protection of the towers" with a hilarious storyline. Very different in structure levels in different geographical latitudes, will make you really think through the structure of defense against intruders. Minimalistic but beautiful graphics, a pleasant variety of soundtracks, not the usual conditions jobs like all lovers merry pastime.
 Fort Raiders SMAAASH! Fort Raiders SMAAASH! - Is a genre mix of "Protection of towers" and online-RTS. Here corporate graphic style Asian developers, match for him music, unlike other gameplay mechanics and classical campaigns "visit" their prey. Strategy in its original wrapper will delight all who are tired of overly repetitive projects.

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