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 Heroes Call v.1.2.1 Heroes Call - fight on his way through more than 30 large dungeons, collect mechanisms, learn new skills and unearth Brinsayda. Brinsayd, is a city that is under siege, in which the risk is literally everywhere ... Adventurers Guild is in need of new heroes. Are you ready to answer the call?
 Stand O 'Food (Full) Master Burger v.1.4

Stand O 'Food (Full) Master Burger - the original dynamic restaurant business strategy, played by millions of people on PCs and other gaming platforms. Have time to serve your eager buyers before their patience will snap!

 The Spookening v.1.2

The Spookening - imposed on us old curse: when the night comes, we suddenly turn into a ghost. To remove the spell of magic, you need to gather up a certain amount of particles of lives of the people we'll scare. Demons, ghosts, and other characters will be commonplace.

 ShaqDown v.29 ShaqDown - addictive game about how once the virus has infected almost all of humanity. You play as Shakilla Oniila who went to fight with the terrible and disgusting zombies. Basketball star against the zombies. Run and shoot down as many zombies on the way.
 Grave Defense HD v.1.15.0

Grave Defense HD - the next step in the development of the genre Games "tower defense" for mobile platforms! The game takes the best of the other games "tower defense", adding to it a lot of new features. It - old school hardcore for Android! Perederni shutter and coffee and tea to what GRave Defense HD will carry your head off, soldier!

 Cutting Edge Arena v.1.0.1 Cutting Edge Arena - great multiplayer, which takes you to ancient China, where you have to fight in the arena with many enemies using melee weapons, typical of those times! Swords, hammer, daggers, sticks - all you need to correctly use a deadly fight!
 Color Sheep v.1.03

Color Sheep - a little funny, a little fun game from the studio Trinket Studios, in which we must defend the defenseless sheep from attack creepy predators. But sheep are not as simple as it seems at first glance ...

 Furfur and Nublo v.1.1.0 Furfur and Nublo - choose a bunch of puzzles, overcome obstacles and perform their beings through all levels of the game.
 Grabbers v.1.0 Grabbers - building on the plot of the film, it all starts at one of the small islands of Ireland, which the aliens have chosen for their invasion.
 Hatchi v.2.70 Hatchi - virtual pet in a retro style, also known as Tamagotchi needs you!

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