In this section you can download Simulation games for android. Any android game can be incorporated into several sections. In the Simulation, as well as throughout the site, you can play all the android free.

Space Farmer TomSpace Farmer Tom - simulator with a "clicker" elements and pixel graphics. Events are developing in the future when humanity has reached incredible heights in science and technology, vigorously explores the cosmos, has won all diseases and practically invented immortality, only with all that it has not been able to provide themselves with food.
Keep CraftKeep Craft - a very interesting and unhurried simulator in which we are going to build their own country from ancient times to the present day. Beautiful and stylish graphics, high duration of the game and a variety of features will appeal to all who do not like natapyvat resources and other elements, but just in time to perform the desired action.
Bit CityBit City - a cool mix of urban simulation, the clicker and even a couple of ways. Voxel graphics, simple controls and great opportunities to have an original idea seems to be fully opened genre for a long time entice all fans of unpretentious projects.
Pocket PlantsPocket Plants - another great project from Kongregate which originally connected the different styles and directions received as a result of a very interesting and unusual gameplay. Well and beautiful graphics, high duration of the process, and a good variety of humor only supplement the treasury of positive impressions.
City Bus Simulator CraftCity Bus Simulator Craft - nice bus simulator with many familiar graphic style. Easy operation makes it easy to maneuver in dense urban areas and thus have time to include turn signals, signals to other drivers, and more. By the way, the bots is very smart and will try to avoid a collision in an emergency.
Survivor - Pain & GainSurvivor - Pain Gain - this is a new project from AirBT, founders Rusty Island Survival and Rustland - Survival and Craft. New releases, like previous ones, it is a survival simulator on an island in the vast expanses of water. It is easy to get from here can not, and therefore should begin to grow roots in the hope ever to get out of here back to civilization.
My Waffle Maker - Cooking GameMy Waffle Maker - Cooking Game - cooking sim from the creators of My Ice Cream Maker and My Cupcake Maker. The protagonist is a talented and very cute hamster who dreams of becoming a culinary chef. And it needs a lot of work filling recipe book with their own findings and ideas. And we will help him in this.
City builder 2016 Bus StationCity builder 2016 Bus Station - one of the many projects clones the well-known simulator settings. Developers do not even too lazy to copy the font and style of writing of the game, which shows a "painstaking" work on his brainchild. But, seriously, it eventually turned out not so bad, and sometimes even good.
Fun HospitalFun Hospital - the hospital pretty simulator in which we start from scratch and transform the institution in the best if not the world, because the country certainly. The entire process will be laced with humor and comical situations, absurd objects and methods of treatment, in general, no one will die, and even the most difficult rescue a brilliant doctor.
Moana Island LifeMoana Island Life - one more project from Disney released on the eve of the release of their full-length cartoon. The first game is the advertising content and offer players to prolong their adventure in a tropical paradise with the main characters, and other characters. The problem is that the developers have not made anything new or original.

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