Zolaman Robot Gunz HD v.1.2.3


Zolaman Robot Gunz HD - the main character, Zolaman, is one of the most popular characters in children's books and stories, and finally created a game with his participation! Zolaman Robot Gunz HD is a shooter game in which you have to fight powerful bosses using various weapons and upgrades!
1. Collect the "Gold" for better weapons!
- Unexpected scene with super strong boss!
- Improved weapon is the best way to protect!
- Weapon
A - steam weapon: the main weapon that has a high rate of fire!
B - automatic weapon: fast burst!
C - Steam Gun: Defeat the enemy heavy duty gun!
D - starting weapon: Very powerful weapon fast!
2. Use the deadly attack on the boss!
Use the energy of stones to attack the bosses.
* Note: The only colored stones can be used for the deadly attack.
3. Friendly-weakness boss!
The boss is weak, if you shoot at a target point on it. (Do not look at it, as it may cost you a few moves)
4. Unlimited choice!
-If you get through the game and you want something else, then play in the story mode at the highest difficulty level. You will experience a real "Hell mode" and will have to fight with the bosses every two minutes. You need to upgrade weapon mode Survivor and skillfully wield it.

Version 1.2.3:




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