League of Evil v.1.0


League of Evil - the world is under terrible threat, a collaborative effort of scientists was formed "League of Evil" and only your hero can stop their evil plans. You - secret agent, your mission - to get to the main villain, having a lot of dangers and obstacles, perform stunts and do not let yourself hurt. Available for over 160 levels, a huge number of parkour jumps and unforgettable retro
Missed a good old platformer? The guys from the company released to the market Noodlecake games for Android-devices 8-bit League of Evil, giving everyone an opportunity to test their strength in the fight against evil.
The main hero of the story of the struggle with the wicked to be a super agent hired to protect world peace. The purpose of his mission - Data collection and destruction pundits peremetnuvshihsya the dark side and developing a secret weapon of mass destruction. Exaggerated sense of justice results in a little violence - our hero not only collects brown suitcases and uchinyaet massacre of universal evil minions.
League of Evil is good, first, the graphics, which is nostalgic to be pushed into oblivion video games with their two-dimensional worlds. Second, very nice to implement management - four virtual buttons allow you not only to overcome the gap and jump over small obstacles and climb walls, perform double jumps, and destroy the enemy.
You can set the desired level of additional effects - for better look, you can add ghosts and fountains of blood from defeated enemies.
Developers offer four colorful locations and more than a hundred different levels. 8-bit violence on the screen of your smartphone complemented enjoyable soundtrack, creating the necessary atmosphere.

Version 1.0:


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