GUN BROS 2 v.1.1.0


Gun Bros 2 - it's time to go to other planets and deal with the enemies, do not forget to grab his brother. So, for the second time the brothers Gang will shred and destroy all the right and left. Their arsenal is even bigger. All that your heart desires:
- Pistols;
- Shotguns;
- Machine-guns;
- Plasma and laser weapons;
- All sorts of grenades and mines.

- Collective game in real time!
Fight against hordes of TOOL with your friends! Plunged into the new regime Endless Mode and find out what it is!
Choose among a wide range of weapons, from pistols and rocket launchers to the new and improved laser weapons and shotguns. FASHION collect and install them on their arms, to get the second, third and even fourth additional fire mode! In addition, players can use a few mods at the same time!
- MEGASRAZHENIYA with the boss!
Fight against Pus Titan, Maullusk and The Broliminator! These monstrous bosses would be enough to lead to a voltage of any of the brothers ...
Invite their brothers to join you in the service with an improved system of brotherhood. Happened to the fun! Happened to the love! Destruction gone!
- Tanks!
During the service, on a hostile alien planet you obviously will miss the tank, with which you can cut the locals. Zaprygivayem fly a tank Honey Badger and transform enemies into mincemeat. By default equipped with rocket launchers and inertial accelerators. Seat belts are available ...
- Multiple game modes!
Come in every mission, performing unlock new achievements and trophies higher levels in the campaign mode, or get to the top the leaderboard in the arcade mode!
- FREE armor!
In each mission there is armor, but only you can find and use them. Increases the number of points of damage and the speed with bold new styles, think of the best designers and military experts in the galaxy, most of which are one and the same person.

The game Gun Bros 2 can play for free, but you can choose whether to pay real money for additional items.

Game Version 1.1.0:


Path cache: SDcard / Android / Obb


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