They Need To Be Fed v.2.2.8


They Need To Be Fed - at every level need to get from point A, where the ink will start your man, to point B, where, in fact, accomplished rendered in the name of the game action. There, in the late stages of the hero waits lonely gloomy blob with a mouth full of sharp teeth. With a running start, dedication, man dives into her mouth ... You can congratulate the players - for the first time in history you are driving a piece of food to be eaten voluntarily departing. The game is based on the manipulation of gravity - one white object has its own gravitational field. Within its limits, you can be on whatever side. After passing a certain point where, like in a visual aid on the "three-body problem," gravity of the two objects intersect and become equal to zero, you get to the next surface.

- 7 worlds
- Gravity of 360 °
- Hidden "x" levels
- Realistic physics
- 25 achievements, which have achieved
- Nice graphics
- A fantastic soundtrack by Jake Almond (Jake Almond)

- 4 new world!

- 32 new levels!
- 11 new achievements to unlock!
- Over 100 New Diamonds to collect!

Version 2.2.8:


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