Ships N 'Battles v.1.4.2


Ships N 'Battles - a classic game of Battleship, with beautiful graphics and special effects, such as explosions and smoke. Play against the AI, friends over a local network or the players around the world via multiplayer, you can play with the users and iOS. But that's not all: the game 4 types of ships, 10 different bonuses and 4 difficulty levels in single-player mode. The rules are simple: you enter the cage on the map of the enemy, to reset your bomb. Then so does your opponent towards your ships. Unlike our usual exercise book battles in this game for the course, you can specify only one cell, even if you successfully shot down an enemy ship. There is also a pleasant novelty: in some cells are hidden bonuses to help you in one turn open several cells on a map of the enemy.

Version 1.4.2:


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