Plasma Sky - rad space shooter


Plasma Sky - rad space shooter you have to go into space and engage in epic combat. And of course to stand alone against thousands of villains have to use different weapons in its arsenal, as well as to show the wonders of agility and reaction, dodging flying from all sides shells.
A total of 80 levels of the game, during which will be introduced to dozens of different enemies and wallop than one boss. Along the way, will collect energy and various bonuses, so that the ship was always on the go and could not repel their enemies.
The first thing that catches your attention, so it's on the schedule, which is made in a pleasant neon style and pleases many effects and bright colors. The dynamics of the gameplay is very high and this is achieved mainly due to a variety of effects, including a lot of explosions. All decorated very bright and attractive.
Compared with their classical predecessors, the gameplay the game has a lot of pros and cons. Developers are well-developed model of enemies and objects, so that each piece has its own characteristics and different from the rest of the environment. By the way, the enemies are not stupid and know how to come together from time to time against the player. For example, more powerful enemies will occupy the first position and cover a weaker ships.
For killing every enemy is given a capsule of energy, which can be picked up to improve your ship and buy new weapons. You can also collect various bonuses, such as time dilation, shield, gain weapons, etc. Especially useful they will be in battles with the bosses.

Version 2.8.0:


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