Infinite Monsters


Infinite Monsters - this is another arcade game where a lone hero saving the world from the monsters attack will destroy the endless onslaught of enemies, among which there are zombies, aliens and other unpleasant monsters. Our hero alone to cleanse the earth from hordes of monsters, and for that he will have a lot to wander, encountering danger face to face in different locations. You will have 14 different weapons and 7 special skills, all of which will cope with this army of vicious monsters. Be patient and try to get as far as possible, having survived in this meat grinder.
Infinite Monsters is another arcade, dedicated to the destruction of the monsters in the main role of which is the true American hero. Pumped guy with a cigar in his mouth will mercilessly destroy all evil, from the zombies and ending with the alien invaders. At the disposal of the hero will be 14 types of weapons and 7 special skills, all of which help him to smooth out 5 different locations, which will be cyclically repeated with increased complexity. Fight your way through the endless crowds of enemies and at the end of each level you have to fight with the boss, after the murder of which you can finish a level and take a break.
Along with the usual Idea and the game got a predictable schedule, made a drawing style. But the developers were able to please a good level design and funny portrayal of monsters, though their progress in the game you'll see, and not so much. The animation is done is also very funny, especially the movement of the hero, stubby legs that funny flicker when running. Monsters also received a modest animation, but it's enough to make the picture lively and interesting. Some special effects, no, unless the shots and use special skills. And in the course of the game you'll be listening to dynamic music, perfectly fitting into the gameplay.
As with all games of this genre, you just need to kill everything that moves, and move forward. As we have noted above, at the end of the level you need to meet with the boss and defeat him. For killing each monster you will receive a bonus in addition from time to time enemies will drop and a nice bonus, including energy, health and ammo.
By the way, you can get bonus money and, if you pass the level quickly and with minimal loss of health. After finishing a level, you can drop by the store to buy a new gun, cartridges and special skills. Note that while the hero can carry with only three weapons, so it is best to take a lot of bullets and a powerful weapon to fight off the crowds of monsters and quickly kill the boss.
Run and shoot in the game will be very easy due to the usual controls with virtual buttons. On the left side of the screen are two small arrows that define the direction of run of the hero, the right-hand side is the big button "Fire."

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