Talking Ginger


Talking Ginger - The creators of "Talking Tom Cat". Here is a cat who needs your love. Talk to him, play, etc. Help the kitten Ryzhik prepare for bed: take a shower, brush your teeth, and more. Every time a kitten helping prepare for bed, you open a new piece of dreams Ryzhik.

It's late and a little Ginger prepares for sleep. He needs to take a shower and dry, brush teeth and go to the potty. Can you help him?
Every time you help him prepare for bed, you open up a new piece of dreams Ryzhik. It is necessary to open 50 magical dreams. Collect them all! :-)
Saffron and repeats everything you say in her sweet voice and a cat reacts to scratching, touching and stroking.
You can also record video with Ryzhik and share them with friends on Facebook and YouTube or send them by e-mail or MMS.

PLEASE NOTE: The first time you run the application you will need to download additional 6-42 MB volume in order to get the best graphics quality for your device.

✔ Say something Sandy, and he will repeat.
✔ Touch your or scratched it.
✔ Press the button "Toilet paper" to start the mini-game.
✔ Press the button "shower" to wash it.
✔ Press the "Clock" to dry it.
✔ Press the button "toothbrush" to brush his teeth.
✔ Press the button "Toothpaste" to add the paste.
✔ Press the button "Timer" to turn on the 2-minute timer for cleaning teeth.
✔ Press the button 'Puzzle' to see all collected puzzles.

✔ Every 24 hours, turn the wheel of fortune and win a free toothpaste.
✔ Subscribe to a reminder of the toothbrush and get 1 free toothpaste a day (you get the push-notification at 19:00 local time).
✔ Watch the video, or choose one of the other ways to earn free pasta.
✔ Make a purchase from within the app. You can even get an endless supply of pasta and more Do not worry about it.


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