Iron Man 3 - The Official Game


Iron Man 3 - The Official Game - You play as Iron Man in the official game based on the third film. After the events described in the third part, Tony went to work for the sake of world peace. But the war is not sleeping - Worldwide light of the new centers of global conflict and only Iron Man can put an end to it! Get ready for the race to the infinite 3D!
OFFICIAL game based on the most anticipated superhero film of 2013!
- Fly around the world and protect the civilian population from the terrorists of AIM
- 3 different locations with endless self-generating levels: the coast of Malibu, New York and China
- Compete with 4 supervillains from the comics Iron Man: Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stein, the Living Laser and mighty Modoc.
- A variety of tasks, the battle in the air and fight one-on-one
- An intuitive control system that allows you to realize the full potential of the Iron Man of the game
- A colorful game world scenery, modern graphics and animation
- Develop and test 18 new costumes (MARK II, MARK 42, etc.)
- Upgrade your costumes and weapons to obliterate enemies from the face of the earth, because you are a superhero!
If you like movies about super heroes, then this game is for you! You will find a crazy action packed runner in 3D!
Iron Man 3 - the official game of the Marvel movie is free, but you can speed up your progress, making a game purchase.
Playing Iron Man 3 shows the best results on powerful devices. However, the game stably and many devices with more modest performance.

We recommend that you make sure that the specifications of your device meets the minimum requirements of the game.
Minimum system requirements for the game Iron Man 3:
- CPU with a clock speed of 1 GHz
- Count. percent. PowerVR SGX540 or ekvivaletny
- 500 MB of RAM
- 860 MB of free space on the memory card

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