Bistro Cook


Bistro Cook - an exciting arcade game. You - the chef. - Your task is to serve visitors to cafes as quickly as possible. Follow orders patrons in the restaurant, preparing them for a variety of dishes. Customers bought vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, salads. You need to have time to chop and fry foods. There is a four frying pans and a set of products. There are three levels of difficulty + adventure mode. The ability to post their high scores on the Internet. There is a "learn" mode. Need some knowledge of English words: meatballs - meatballs, etc.
Click on the desired product, then the frying pan. When the dish is ready - click on the griddle, then on a plate with the order. Bread, cabbage and tomatoes fry do not! Everything else (even cheese) - fry. If something burns - in the trash.

What's new
Version 2.2.1
- Move to SD card
Version 2.2.0
- HD graphics, great for large phones and tablets
- Major overhaul of the entire graphic package


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