Bouncy Mouse


Bouncy Mouse - wrest his cheese villain has a cat and show him who's boss! Nosy Captain Cat stole the Big Cheese, breaking the tranquility of the island in a mouse! Help Bouncy myshu get my cheese and restore the universal order. This is a very difficult task for a little mouse!

Use a flexible mouse tail to shake, toss and flip Bat through obstacles placed in each of the 46 beautiful levels in four magical worlds. Avoid meeting with angry bees, grabs the pegs are repelled from the resilient birds and try to eat as much cheese. Only you the power to save the world of the mouse!

- Interesting physics engine
- Catch a cat and kick his mustache!
- Special prize for anyone who collects 100% cheese in each level: the ability to improve the Bat!
- Can you get through each level without losing a single heart?
- In each level, nice music

The new game, which you have not seen! So much cheese, so little time!

What's new
1.2.03: Fixed crash issues on some devices.
1.2: Get into the spirit of Valentine's Day! Help Bouncy Mouse pink collect delicious chocolate in 6 new levels!


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